At the light of creation, God opened up the earth and He formed man. He then proceeded in His creation to completely fashion out of man, the most delicate part of him and upon seeing her, he lovingly called her woman(womb-man). For her womb would open up to receive his seed, this in fact would make her the mother of all. The beauty of creation wrapped up in the heart and womb- male and female. 

I noticed like you that when God was to open up the man to acquire his bone, the man was asleep, a deliberate sign that the process of recreation should be void of pain(or should I say would have been void of pain). It should be a numbing process- (right now I'm thankful for anesthesiology). In God's original plan, there was meant to be a pain free, wound free process of opening up to bring forth. 

It is only natural for a blooming flower to open up its petals to the dashing ray of sunlight at the wake of spring. Even the earth opens up to receive just enough rain to feed the crops, season to season, year to year, watering till harvest time. God made it so! Opening up one element to create another, creative and sensually beautiful, the nature of God's Grace. His thoughts, so delicate and if you ever doubt it, take a look at the sensitivity of the woman, the grace buried in her caring nature , it is the very nature of God.

The crux of the fall of woman began with the deception that she would be like God. The devil deceived Eve to open her eyes instead of her womb to God's Spirit. Eve allowed her eyes to wander lustfully at what she desired. However, where Eve failed, Mary the mother of Jesus succeeded. Mary changed the cause of motherhood by opening up her womb to the power of God! Many women are stuck like Eve, completely confused about what to do with the power they possess. We often allow our eyes to fixate on power- only the wrong way.  As long as we continue to strive with men, we are yet again striving with God like Eve.

Humanity waits for the woman to gracefully open up her womb! In fact this generation will benefit yet again, if women would lend their wombs to the Holy Spirit and become mothers in Spirit and in truth! True power is in submission to the sovereignty of God and the true test will always be in submission to her own man.

For all the mothers out there, the best of you is right within you. There is more if you allow your heart to open up again. We glory in the achievement of childbearing, but there is a whole lot more than bearing earthly children. The power we possess can forgive, it can create, it can tear down and build up! This power allows us to open up in tremendous ways than we can imagine! The purest and truest form of power abides in the ability of a woman to open up her womb to carry the Holy Spirit, the ability to submit to the Holy Spirit.

To receive anything tangible from another, the hands must open up. When we feed the belly, the mouth must first open up. The natural law of giving and receiving requires the catalyst of opening up to complete the reaction. I once wrote that receiving is a sign of humility, which is why to open up and be vulnerable can be one of the most difficult process for anyone who has been disappointed time and time again. I mean if you are unsure, randomly watch one of the videos of a childbearing process. Women are truly super heroes in the labor room.

The best things in life are seemingly wrapped up like a gift, completely hidden within until we open up. Forgiveness is often hidden within pain, it is found only when the heart reaches back to the root cause of the pain. Light is often conceived in darkness, darkness disappears as soon as it opens its womb to light. This was the risk that Mary took to birth the gift of salvation to us all.

To every girl, lady, woman, mother, grandmother out there, you are graced with a womb within. Despite abuse, trauma, neglect and abandonment, if you would embrace the risk, there is so much grace within the womb of that wound. I believe the deliverance of many men lie within the womb man. So I pray we open up to the power of God to fill us up to birth greater things.  As we celebrate today, celebrate the true strength bestowed by God to make you a woman! It was for a purpose!

Let us together gracefully open the womb within to birth purpose - The Holy Spirit our partner!



  1. This is very inspiring . God bless you sister.

    1. So glad it blessed you. Thank you for reading.


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