Can you believe it has been three Sundays since we resumed blogging! 

Most importantly, today is resurrection Sunday! It is of course a reflective season, as we continue to remain in isolation with our families while practicing physical distancing from the public.

I am excited and grateful to be able to express the thought I have on this special resurrection Sunday and I think I found just the exact illustration for you.

Yesterday was my day of discovery, as I stood aloof in the cafeteria at work, warming up my scrumptious fried rice, carefully layered with a piece of chicken for lunch. As I drowned in the sound of the microwave, passing time, waiting for my meal to warm up, I stared out the window and straight ahead was a hill. The position of the hill took me by surprise, as the building facing mine had made it impossible to notice the beauty of the hill, but there it was, sloped perfectly above the building before me.

I work on the second floor and so the view couldn't or should I say shouldn't be such an oversight, but I had missed what was in plain sight. The color of the lustrous green grass and the unique little trees on this hill had me mesmerized for the very first time. It was so beautiful, but it had not lived in all the eight months I had worked here. I had stared out the window so many times and completely missed what was before me.

I couldn't help but re-live some of Jesus' memoirs as I thought of His experience in the new testament. The rejection and how He had already died to many before He even made it to the cross. The savior of the world came in flesh, but they(we) couldn't recognize the messiah. He did so much good, fed the hungry and defined purpose for His disciples, yet He was unseen and dead to the very world He came to die for.

The beauties, virtues and relationships we are unable to recognize while in plain sight are truly dead before us. They start living the day we start paying attention by opening our eyes to see. So many long for what they already have, completely unaware of their selective blindness. We have a selective strategy, it's called choice - our free will that allows us to prioritize what's valuable.

I hope this lockdown is helping you quiet down the noises and readjusting your lenses. Many will come out reshaped and completely refined in purpose as long as they are choosing wisely.

So, my few suggestions today are:
  • Change your perspective to a positive one; there are always two sides to a coin.
  • Look intentionally at what's inside and in front of you. Everything dies when we stop seeking.
  • Appreciate beauty in everything. Our perception stimulates our environment.
Today, Jesus in all His power and glory is still drawing people to Himself. Those who choose to look at Him will see what a savior He truly is. Those who ignore Him will have to find out someway that He was there all along. 

Happy Easter to you all!
Kemi Gwan.


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