Well, Hello There!

Today is the start of something great for me as I pick my pen to write to you from the ashes of life's unavoidable plagues, coupled with the reality of the greatest pandemic ever recorded. 
What a time to be alive!

I have been away on a break developing myself spiritually with a handful of men and women who are passionate and full of zeal for worship and prayer in a way that I've not experienced in years. 
Being on this spiritual journey opened me up to purpose in a different way and though and it was not shy of haha moments, it definitely exposed so much about God's truth, my perfect imperfections (which I have learned to embrace like a cross daily) and the reality of how difficult it is to love without a perfectly functional spirit.

I'm so excited to now be back to one of my best forms of expression - writing. 
Let me say this real quick: I missed writing, but I missed you! 
I mean I wrote songs and devotionals and even started writing my book, but I certainly missed blogging the old school way. I'm not old I promise..

I wanted to just touch basis with you about what to expect moving forward and how I plan to be faithful to you my readers. Honestly, I feel like Maleficent, who after a said death, rose from the ashes into a phoenix. I feel like a brand new person, completely reborn to live purposefully and nothing beats that awareness to me.

To be allowed to dive into our lives by rising, falling and allowing God to mend the broken fragments of our fragile nature is essential to living a whole life. I think that is the jackpot I've hit. Allowing myself to live my truth and honing it with a fashion that I alone can wield.

So in other words, expect a weekly blog about overall sprit, soul and body wellness. I am a firm believer that it is important to be aware of what makes up our whole being and to actively sync them to wholeness.
When one part is starved, there is a tilt in growth and one specter cannot keep the being functioning. Those of you who were with me since my blogging journey began in 2011 might be more acquaint with how much I've grown. That is actually all I would like to share on my blog - my growth.

I would love to help many men and women learn about themselves if possible, but also to help people avoid certain mistakes that I made and how to avoid them.
This space will focus on the overall picture of what kingdom identity represents on all three facets of the human existence - body, soul and spirit.

I look forward to reading comments and sharing more..

Yours truly,


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