If we cannot clearly understand our motives, our minds will be constantly encumbered by the pressures of worry and dissatisfaction.
The human nature is in constant need and it’s nature is to fend for that need naturally by whatever means necessary. The body desires food, sex etc.. the mind desires knowledge.. the soul has its desires for the unseen or a savior.
However, God states very clearly that He knows our every need and tries to point us to how to get what we need not what we think we need and want! If I give “me” all it wants all the time, rest assured that I’ll die a miserable death due to dissatisfaction.
The dictionary says to be content is to be satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
“Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.”
‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

A discontent person will always want. Unable to see that they already have all they need per time. The desire for more should always align with God’s plan, else you will become an embittered worried person. Worry never gives birth to purpose, just more worry. 😉
As God’s children, He expects maturity in this area actually. Unfortunately, even God’s giants might still be struggling to learn this lesson.
A person might want something because they assume all their problems will be solved, they want it never really fully understanding or putting into adequate thought why they desire it or if they even have need for it. It’s like buying a million shoes when you truly can wear one pair at a time.
I will admit that that was so me. In some ways it is still me and I will share...

Let me be clear, that God is never against wealth. His principles are very clear in scripture. He desires to bless His beloved with wealth, with everything good. The problem is when His beloved abandon the desire to seek Kingdom for the desire for prosperity and wealth. Most people turn the blind eye in Church when their Pastor says this, but for those who are walking with God, I trust Him to train us rigorously until our ultimate desire is to Him and Him alone! Then other things may or may not be added.. doesn’t matter! That’s the Kingdom we signed up for!

In my present journey, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me about how contentment is directly linked with my all round happiness and wellness and thus might take root in someone today. In fact I pray that it does in Jesus name. 

Meanwhile, I know that I am content than most in some things, but all that doesn’t matter to God when He is interested in shaping you into Him. God’s truth brings freedom! 💃🏽

Where I currently work isn’t my dream job, but I do my job excellently well. So much so that the company refused to let me go after the initial 6 week contract was over. I have now been there for 4 months. The job pays the bills so that is one blessing I should be grateful for right? 🤷🏽‍♀️           Hmmn.. your sister was apparently discontent.

I was initially excited about the job because I had been home for too long, but as I progressed on the job, I started getting anxious. I wanted more. I thought I deserved more(this is true) but I just felt tied down. I would apply for other things but nothing came through, but I still had my job. It gradually started affecting my happiness on the job and some days it took listening to sermon upon sermon to get through.

I realize that I had been discontented and refused to appreciate where I am in this phase in time. I was reaching out for a future that will eventually come either I put pressure on my heart or not. 🤔 Impatience and not exercising faith causes most of us to worry while waiting. The attitude of a faith-filled person is contentment. This is my lesson learned.
Let me be really honest that nothing could ever satisfy a discontent person. The emptiness you’re looking to fill was meant for only one thing - GOD! If you don’t know how to REST in God, you will constantly sit in a place of worry. 

Worry stems from discontentment which gradually leads to greed.

Some of us who follow Christ have been taught that Jesus wants the best for us(true), but directly associate that with obtaining wealth alone. Most times false hopes are raised in people because the motives are wrong. If you preach only to people whose focus is still on self, you will produce a discontent, self seeking, self glorified greedy people! What a mighty church of discontent people that is!
It is important to preach contentment in the house of God! You will produce happier people, patient and disciplined Christians who learn process rather than praise.
My focus is on you who is reading this write-up. I heard the Holy Spirit’s whisper to me that if I embraced every process on my job and choose to be content right here, I will do a far more excellent job and that is not only pleasing to my boss or the company but to God! Promotion is bound to come.. but if I fail to develop a Godly character of contentment here, even if I become a CEO, I would continue to be dissatisfied.
So many of us have been blessed with little seeds(a job, a business, a ministry) that we’re nurturing right now. The way you nurture growth really matters. Doing it with a content heart is doing it wholeheartedly and doing it well. 

Our anticipation for the future should not override today’s pleasure or else worry takes over. Give up being anxious, because truly, only God knows the future, we don’t.

Be content in your space today and watch God make your tomorrow even better!
“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭NLT‬‬


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