Many of us have really good intentions but our delivery is often warped and selfish..
If intentions were enough we wouldn’t need to fix anything.. 🤷🏽‍♀️
You cannot be a problem solver if you are not open to context and perspective. (Talking to myself today, I promise).
Most of the successful people in the world are people who found a way to fix problems. They SAW a problem and then found a way to SOLVE it.

I have a confession 🙊. I am a good talker okay.. I could talk your ear off and convince you to like what I like..
But this is not so good because good listeners SEE better.. I’m not saying all good listeners see better.. but you kinda get my point. Sometimes, you have to slow it way down baby.... slowwww down.. not too slow, you still need some fast and furious moments 😉😉😜
It takes someone who is willing to listen to another’s perspective to actually SEE where the other person is coming from. I know my hubby will be excited to see this write up because his baby girl just grew up 😂😂😂😂.

For people like me, half the time, all the words seem like a volcanic eruption in my mind and I just feel the need to launch that missile at someone else. Like yea.. you’re gonna hear me and me alone 😂😂😂..Talkathon...be mindful!

Ok so moving on..
Question of the day for everyone wanting to be successful; What problems do you see around you that you are inclined to solve?

I know some of us pray to be a blessing but I am beginning to understand that to be a blessing to my generation I’ll need to open up all of me to the many possibilities of other people’s perspective, opinions, ideologies, culture and lifestyles.

My life cannot be the same as yours and if I must be a blessing or a problem solver, I would need to walk in your shoes or allow my eyes be open through grace to serve in that capacity.

I might not like chocolate, but if my entire community loves chocolate and there’s a shortage.. the way to fix that is to figure out how to learn their likes, dislikes, taste buds and so on..,

Our generation is filled with many prospects at solving problems but we need to clear our vision of many things first. We need to learn to see clearly, listen to our world and then we can solve problems. Then our intentions will not be misunderstood because they aren’t enough... it takes wisdom coated vision and resilience to succeed at it!

Kemi Gwan.


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