There’s this lady at work who's probably the most active and loudest person. She’s always talking and walking around throughout the day. For the past couple of weeks, I had been observing and now almost judging her as a busy body.
Immediately I heard in my heart: Kemi, that is not a fair judgement. The Holy Spirit told me to imagine if I was doing my job so efficiently and someone else starts judging me as a busy body, wouldn’t that hurt you, He quietly asked?
The worst part is, as of today, I realize that there are men constantly walking up and down too, but I regret to say, that as a woman, I am too harsh on my kind. No wonder Hillary didn't win as President of the United States..(Just had to put that out there).
I immediately felt remorseful and repented in my heart. If you judge others as gossip, you will soon reap the same. So, what does your heart immediately do when it sees others?

Women, I say this out of love and respect for us, but we are terribly bad at bad-mouthing each other and tearing each other down with our hearts and then it proceeds to the mouth. I am guilty. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been judging a particular person in your heart, and all of a sudden your girlfriend calls you and says; have you noticed that so so and so seems odd lately? I promise you, what is in your heart immediately reveals itself without you knowing it. I all of a sudden have more to say than I had bargained for. And the gossip and mocking begins. This is what God classifies as evil. There are some of us in ministry who pretend to pray, but truly wound up talking about other people’s problems, God frowns at it. Read Psalm 1:1-end.

What’s the point of all this, you say? If you want to be judged fairly, judge fairly in your heart. Everything we do, starts from the heart. If we don’t attack the false conclusions about our spouses or relationships, giving them the benefit of the doubt, like I did that lady, we would fall into a cycle of judgement, dispute and complains.

I can promise you I didn’t know how to give people the benefit of doubt and so no wonder I have experienced people who didn’t give me any. I used to just jump into conclusions but God is working on me indeed! If you are experiencing a bit of harshness around you, maybe, just maybe you have been sowing harshness. If you give people the benefit of doubt, if you choose to trust more, you'll reap it, pressed down, shaken together, running over in abundance.
Keep asking, keep changing, keep on learning! It is a journey of transformation not a theory of living!

Kemi Gwan


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