Once upon a time there was a very wealthy man who had two sons. He had a large estate and his sons managed it with him. (Potential Boaz)☺☺

One day, the younger son got reckless in his heart and asked for all of his inheritance.
The kind father didn’t even question him but divided his wealth in half and gave the younger son his supposed “inheritance.” 
The younger son immediately packed up and moved away from his father to a different city.
He lavishly spent his money on women and enjoyed his freedom and wealth inherited from his father. He literally partied day and night and refused to invest. Then all of a sudden, he ran out of money.. Reality hit like a tsunami.

Home boy became so broke that he couldn’t afford to feed himself. Practically turned a beggar. Lol..Hmn hmn. He even became a slave,  just to eat. When pig’s feed start looking like burgers, you know it’s bad.
All of a sudden, a loud bell rang in his head and he remembered that he had a father who had more than enough to spare. He humbled himself, dragged his behind to go and ask for his father’s forgiveness.

As he took heavy steps back towards his father’s mansion, the first person to notice him afar off was his father (not his brother).. His father immediately became reckless by asking all his servants to throw a party for his son. His reckless son had become relevant and he was in fact the matter at hand. 

The older son, his own blood brother’s heart was selfish and he became angry because he thought that his father was being a bit over the top for a reckless son. He really thought he didn’t deserve a banquet. He thought about himself being the faithful and committed but had never had a banquet thrown on his behalf.. so wrong!

Many Christian veterans are like the older son, who misunderstood the topic of relevance in this case. A banquet is even the starting point of reckless love for a lost child. I mean when a banquet is thrown, EVERYONE is relevant. 
You partake in the food, the drinks, the dance, the dessert.. sheesh brother! The banquet was for you too.. How do we say we are out to reach out to our generation but the person right in your face, to whom you’re supposed to be a shining example, you literally not only condemn them in your heart but with your words and your prideful action 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. You write them off, because they don’t dress like you or look like your family members..
But you see, God sees them from afar and He throws a party to welcome them home! Big Sigh. 

This hit home right here for me because I remember many times in my brokenness when I really needed help and I was in the Church hoping to be helped and accepted, I was cast away. I became an outcast among my own brothers and sisters. I was judged by my status as a single mother. I was branded and some of you have been branded sinners above sinners! Well, I have super great news for you, you are HOME! You can come right HOME! I know because I am that son, you are that son too! No matter how far gone you are, you can take your heavy steps right back to Him.
While some were busy wondering why I deserved a banquet, God had already ordered for the best robes be put on me. 💃💃💃. I am a princess of God and the Queen of His Heart.

I have found that relevance is in-fact very reckless. What do I mean? 
Maybe this write-up is for you if you are fighting everyday to be relevant in what you are committed to do. Don’t be grumpy on your commitment, because that bad attitude is lack of understanding and it could keep you from celebrating. Your attitude to 1 will be your attitude to 99, period. Remember the good shepherd leaves the 99 to chase 1  recklessly out of relevance.

The older son, thought one son was not deserving of a reckless love-coated banquet. But of course he was. When a child is born, we celebrate for only one child right. Even after 4 or 5 children, we still throw a celebration for the 6th and the 7th. Some women are graced! 
It’s the same attitude with our Father in Heaven, when one child is reborn, oh He gets the Angels to throw a party. Serious throw down.

Here’s the challenge to someone who’s busy worried about the crowd they’re supposed to feel relevant to or impact. You know and see yourself up there on a platform, but your attitude on the ground level about ONE victory stinks! You don’t rejoice over ONE milestone! You don’t celebrate it. How do you expect to celebrate when you reach a 1000 milestones?
It’s the same parallel with everything else.. your attitude to Marriage, Ministry, Family, Relationship, Career, Redemption of souls.. think about it! 

When I write like this, my focus is now on ONE person, just one person is enough for me to rejoice, because my attitude towards one, is my attitude to millions! Oh yes, I am not an expert, learning just like you on the job.

Change your attitude! Renew Your Mind Today! Let’s go be greater than yesterday family! Let’s do this! If you want to be relevant, learn from this story! Relevance is borne from Reckless Love and Passion 😉. And when your brother or sister needs help, you better give yourself recklessly like your Father did for you already! We are already RELEVANT!

Listen to this beautiful song by Cory Asbury
Title: Reckless Love

Kemi Gwan.


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