I have been writing this blog almost consistently for 6 years and as some may know that I am constantly figuring out purpose as a writer and what I truly want this blog to do for its readers. 

I took a break in June due to circumstances in my own life that needed tending. My life practically broke and went through a proper makeover. The same kind of makeover I am hoping to spark/ignite in as many readers possible. 

I give up... totally. I am not a teacher or wannabe-all-perfect Kemi. I am a woman just like some of  you, seeking for answers in this dark world. Thankfully, I now walk in a Grace that I did not quite fully comprehend before now. 

I am here to discuss life issues with women and how we can be stronger, better, supporting one another. I am also here to interact with women about how God has been teaching me how to position myself as a woman of Grace in our relationships, marriages, friendships, families and communities, hopefully to the nations, contrary to your past mistakes or what the world thinks and expects you to be. 

Like I said, no more excessive “religiosity”- just real Kemi, being open as always but this time even better. 

So here it is!

Have you ever felt so weighed down by the image you are trying to project? It is an endless pit of pressure. As in pressure of a thousandth centigrade. 

All my life, I have lived by standards that no one really set for me but my own idealism and possibly pressures of being a first child. I think most first-borns sometimes misunderstand the responsibilities or probably get accustomed to the pressure. 
Alternatively, almost speaking factually, every other sibling, feel the pressure to live up to, and possibly surpass the standards set by the first-born, or more accurately, their parents with high expectations #ImmigrantParents.

We in turn expect the same level of anal qualities from almost everyone and everything around us. When in actual fact, you are secretly failing at these false standards. Please be honest if you have been there... life is quite tough that way, I would know....

I must say, prior to my sudden reawakening, I thought I was free... a Wildling in fact... but only in my dreams
I am now truly free! Free from my own expectations, free from expectations from my husband, expectations from my church, my neighbors, my family, my peers etc. My husband is the beneficiary of a free woman, the one I call “Grace.”

I am so excited about all the real life topics that arise in life, in marriages, in churches, at work places, in school, in the home, on the street, that this blog will engage. This is the real life and I want to share real experiences, not a pretend-wannabe-idealistic-life-in-a-bubble with imaginary folks... 

Using so many “I”s, is like making a declaration or reciting a pledge, but you get the drift, right... so forgive me. I really want to share so much with you, but I want to hear some of your experiences as well. 

So.... my family and I relocated and we attend a new church! Did I say we totally loveee City Church! Total blessing. Our new Pastor, Pastor Justin said, and I quote; “There is a connection with Heaven being filled and your story. You populate Heaven when you share your story. 
What will you do with the story you’ve been given?”

Oh boy! That question hit me like a tsunami. And here is what I’m going to be doing with my story for as long as God continues to Grace me to write. 
Your victory is confirmed when you testify. 

Our mistake is that we often limit this “testimony time” in church, where you’re given 2 minutes to highlight the best parts of the story to the congregation. 
I am talking about a real investment of your time into someone the Holy Spirit weaves this tangible compassion into your heart for. It is awesome! 
All you’ve been through and will ever go through isn’t a story for the gods or Heaven, but a life changing story that others can learn from.

Yesterday, our Pastor came up and introduced his wife whom he had been pleading with for 6 years to share a sermon but had been refusing. She finally agreed to share and her story was so powerful. I had to weave this piece in because all she had to say was a lesson and a confirmation for me. I had to keep asking; what are the odds man? It's only my third Sunday and they had been begging this woman to preach!!! I was in tears as I saw my own selfish heart and repented from mine as she shared her own freedom and healing.

Your story could save someone else’s soul from pain and frustration.. So let’s share away!!!! 
Don’t worry, I will start with sharing my own stories. Hopefully you’ll join me in sharing some of yours, and lessons learned in this life, can be shared.



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