There is something powerful about the woman!
 I wanted to take the time out to celebrate another sweet and powerful woman of God in Ministry who has impacted my life, my family and my ministry. Your efforts were never wasted and I say thank you. 

Pastor Dupe, is like a mother to me. She is one of my spiritual mothers and I am her very daughter 😊. Always on the look out to help and celebrate God's gift. Countless times, she goes above and beyond. No wonder she is an excellent Pediatrician. This awesome woman is also married to an awesome Pastor and they have beautiful children. So, once again, she's the entire package and does it excellently. Mentoring women and children by Grace.

Today, I wanted to delve into some lessons learned in my devotion, during the course of the week. In the book of Luke 2, I was able to compare two vital factors. It is possible for you to eat and drink in the sanctuary from all the consecrated bowls and still have no idea who God is, in fact, have zero faith in His word or what He can do and take it for granted. 

Zechariah was a priest who had served God all his life and was so comfortable to the point that when he was finally visited by the Angel Gabriel who stands directly before God to confirm answers to his prayer, he doubted and received a punishment for his doubt/unbelief.
God had to teach him a lesson. Not members of the sanctuary but God himself. Members could clearly see that he was dumb and automatically knew he had encountered God. That alone sent fear into their hearts or humbled them.

But there was a woman, a virgin, a woman named Mary, who would become the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. In those times, women were not allowed to serve in the temple and were removed far from all priestly duties, but something unique happened in Mary's days. All protocols stood still and the female specie was honored and elevated before God. Think about it. It was kind of a turning point in ministry for all women. 
Women didn't need to be in the temple to receive God's visitation 💃🏽. She was in fact, visited by the Angel Gabriel. She instantly considered the words in her mind and believed it. She had tremendous faith after hearing it and proceeded to visit her Cousin.
This part made me take a pause, think, sit, spin, dance around in tongues. I wonder what other women were busy doing other than doing chores all the time in their husband's house. But Mary wasn't even in a husband's house and yet she received God's call to service. So, women! Do you get the Memo! 

Both parties (Zechariah in the temple and Mary the handmaiden) were indeed blessed and God's word must be fulfilled, whether  we believe in it or not. When we try to stand in the way with our unbelief and over familiarity, we will receive consequential punishment. When we receive God's word, it is important to position ourselves in faith. 
The difference between men and women, in this case, is very clear. Generally speaking, men are more logical and tend to question the "logic in the supernatural", while women are emotional and believe in  the possibilities of anything. 

As a woman, married or unmarried, you have a role. In your home, married women, your husband is favored because of you. The Lord will always freely speak to you because of your heart especially when your husband cannot receive it. It is important for a woman to seek God's face for her family. This is why the woman holds the home and receives the vision for where the home should be, but the man must take the lead. This explains why women can get frustrated when they don't see the picture of what they think it should look like. This is where patience and endurance comes in. Single women, you are a beacon meant to shine light to others, not just on yourself. Enjoy being favored of God until the right one shows up or nah 😜. No big deal right.

Lesson 1: Do not be quick to judge men/women of God, they are God's chosen and whatever they learn, they learn directly from God. God is capable of either temporarily or permanently punishing them as He deems fit).

Lesson 2: Women are swift to hear and adept to believe words. It is both our strength and weakness. Because of Mary's faith in what the Lord said, she was indeed blessed.

Once again, Pastor Dupe, you are loved and cherished. I celebrate you greatly for the faith you have demonstrated and following God whole heartedly.

Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.


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