Happy New February readers!!! It is a brand new month in a brand new 2017, and I am already counting my blessings. 😇

There is tremendous power in purpose. By the time we have understanding, a talent moves from an ordinary acquisition to a mighty weapon of purpose.

Our WCW today goes to a special woman; "Aunty Seun," who was planted as a neighbor many years ago. My parents were busy working class parents and seldom had time for activities except for when it was planned around the holidays. 

Our church at the time usually had monthly vigils and it was a big deal. I remember Aunty Seun as I called her back then, who sang so powerfully in the choir suddenly developed an interest in mentoring and grooming me and my neighbors who she lived with. 
She invested time in teaching us songs and we all in turn would go boldly to dazzle the church with our innocence. 

Many years later, I realize that she had impacted my talent and guided it into a weapon of purpose. She was a young teenage girl, but she had done her part. She had given me what my parents could not, at the time.
"Be a woman of purpose, not a busybody"
Do you know that where you think your parents fall short, if you are patient enough, your eyes would see that God is powerful enough to make up for shortcomings. This is a message for the woman or man who perhaps is downcast and discouraged, thinking their life's outcome could have been different if they had a perfect childhood. Let me announce to you, that even your mess is a story written by God for purpose.

As a woman, it is important to equip yourself with tools that can help your purpose in life
  • Pray without ceasing, even about what you don't understand.
  • Positive mentors like Aunty Seun who spot greatness and are not intimidated.
  • Persistence even through failure. Most of the time, what we consider failure is delayed success. You might just be developing strength of character while you try again.

As women, we often struggle to be good at one thing or to be a master at one thing. A man would master one craft because of how he was made by God but a woman most of the time, would almost want to be an over achiever by being a master of many. 

Over the years, I have learned to get better at one thing and add few crafts along the way. This in itself is the understanding of purpose. As a child I was many things: an athlete, a dancer, a drummer, an artist, a writer, a singer, a debater and so on. I struggled for many years trying to settle with just one craft and master it. I eventually learned the secret of purpose while some of those fell away on their own. 

The truth is you can be whatever you want to be. 
Question is are you where you are supposed to be? Are you doing what you were created for? Are you just being a busy body or trying to make ends meet? Doing too many things, is not a sign of success, in fact it is a sign of imbalance and confusion. 

"Nothing can stop A Woman of Purpose, Absolutely Nothing!"
We have been created for a purpose and until we know it, every other thing is just a bypassing activity. You might say but I can do this and I have the strength to do many. I am not against that. You must also understand that our minds function best when we chase one thing per time with our might. Other things like your career, profession would always be tools to garnish purpose but you must never let them choke purpose out of you. You must never allow yourself be overwhelmed to the point of abandoning your purpose.
In fact, you will only find fulfillment in life if you are actively pursuing purpose and not sidetracked by other things.

I Celebrate Aunty Seun wherever she is today. Thank you for watering the best of them all. Thank you for all that time, teaching about singing with passion. All that has taught me to never do things without excelling at them.
You sang with power and purpose and though I have not set eyes on you in years, I celebrate you today.

I want you to know today that nothing can stop a woman of purpose, absolutely nothing!

Live, Love, Laugh

Kay love.


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