I read through an article and a scripture yesterday that solidified what I will be writing today. This one is to every woman, young and old, born and hopefully unborn. 
I honestly hate sounding like a broken record, but there is efficacy in repetition of solid words. It transforms, heals and channels growth in an individual.

I have seen people try to encourage others not to get carried away by looking at the glamor that others post on social media. Statements like they don't post their fights and ugly moments in their marriages, only the positive ones. 
Hmmn.. let's take a look at it this way for a second.
Life is full of moments, beautiful, ugly, light and dark moments. It is true that fewer ugly and darker moments are ever shared or talked about, but also because such moments are shortened either by a divorce eventually or someone chooses to cover in love, so you see they never actually last a life time. What we choose to do with them makes the difference.

So..... In your dark moments what do you do?
Do you complain to someone else?
Do you sulk about it?
Do you keep it to yourself ?
Do you become bitter or better from it?
Do you pray and surround your heart with truth and wisdom?

Can I just say, dark moments are inevitable! Are you ready and prepared for them is the question???

For married women and those who aspire to one day get married, you need know the importance of praying for wisdom. Winning the battle effectively on your knees; as prayer the most powerful resource on the planet. The moment you chose to get married, you took on the responsibility to build A Monument! You are responsible from the foundation to the lintel. If you're building a skyscraper, you already know how much time and resources it will cost you.

“EVERY WISE woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.”
Proverbs 14:1 

In my marriage, I have had to constantly stoop and learn to align myself into my role as a wife to my husband. This is the most important part of marriage. I can be a boss or a CEO anywhere else but in my marriage, someone else is my boss and CEO.

A typical example recently was us deciding how to care our kids. My hubby and I got into an argument because I chose my way of pacifying our son over allowing him to be a father in that moment. You might smile and say that's not an issue, but it was our issue and little issues will become mighty issues if you don't get on your knees quickly and humble yourself.
I was wondering how this little issue had turned my life upside down in a quick moment. As I prayed, I realized the power was in my hand yet again to structure and build, to be better instead of allowing my ego, my emotions and my way to win. By allowing myself to be bitter and pulling down my house with my own hands. 

A wise woman:
Chooses love; love covers a multitude of offense ❤️
Chooses to pray for her husband 🙏🏾
Chooses her words carefully 🤔
Chooses to apologize even when she's right 👏🏾
Chooses her hubby as her bestie 👫
Chooses to be better than bitter 😡
Chooses to be honest when she makes a mistake 🤥
Chooses to make time for her husband over the children 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

The list goes on and on, but I thrive in my marriage to continue to build and be happy. I refuse to be an unhappy woman. 

Marriage is not for everyone, so for those who will never get married, those who aren't married yet and those who don't look forward to it, here's my two cents also. Wisdom is profitable. It keeps you grounded. It will help you build a life worthy of emulation. CEO or COO! Work hard at being wise. It will draw light to everything you set your heart to do.

Wisdom only comes from God though. You ask and receive. It does not come by age or experience at all. If that were the case, many women would learn wisdom at the very first bad experience they had. Be not only wise, be humble.  

A wise woman is a humble woman!
A wise woman knows the difference between submission and subjugation. 
A wise woman knows that love goes around and comes around eventually!

Live, Love, Laugh

Kemi Gwan.


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