Can you tell how ecstatic I am to be blogging again after a whole year break!!!
Well, Kaylove is back, now happily married and a mother for the second time, which summarizes the whole of my 2016!

Welcome to 2017 Readers!!!
I have missed blogging and I am already in full work mode in this first week of the year. I am ready to share heart to heart insights with you as we journey into the unknown treasures of 2017 and beyond if the Lord tarries.

Disclaimer: This is not about anyone in particular but a strong awareness in my heart.
This is not to suggest that I am a master at this but to redirect in love as I am also learning myself.

I have been burdened to address some issues that are currently penetrating, in fact invading the hearts of believers.
While I am in no right to point this out, I have been pressed without a doubt that this is necessary. This can never be overemphasized and so must be said in love.
I have learned that even the truth, if not said or addressed in love, is a waste of time and energy which now brings me to the tone of this message.
Sooooo, let's chat about the selfie. 🤳

Our generation has been sold a big fat lie! By who? Is it necessary to make important that which is not? No. However, this lie cannot continue to linger and maybe this loving note will prod someone back to love.
The lie that you alone are your own WCW and no one else.
The lie that you can only love yourself by posting excessive pictures to celebrate you.
The lie that everyone else is envious of what you have, when in fact you are abhorring insecurities.

• is not love without another person.
• God is love, love is an action and He had to show us love by giving it to us.

The opposite of love therefore is selfishness, not hate.
• worships self and refuses to think about or prefer another person.

Now, something is spreading rapidly and thanks to social media for making it ambiguous. I have found that there are many unhealthy hearts hiding under the guise of excessive "self-love."
My theory:
* One must suffer from the depression of an unsatisfactory lifestyle due to envying another or from the pressures of measuring up to another's standards, but is somehow limited and now hides under the pretense of a self made love.
* Psychologically true that a person must have suffered a great deal of pain by not loving oneself enough and now has found self confidence in love.

I am not here to point at anyone but to have us think deeply about what kind of world we're trying to build. I might be wrong but right now, we are a successful, narcissistic, self-loving, self-obsessed world.

My call is to us all, to please shine the light of Christ through love. We have to intentionally show love, even to our enemies. I'm not also saying force ourselves on people, but loving them by praying for them, honoring them, respecting their views and giving them the benefit of doubt always. Matthew 5:43-48.

I am not that old but I look back to years ago when there was no forum to post a quick selfie🤳 or to be my own "WCW." We had to rejoice with one another, celebrate one another genuinely without insecurities knowing that yours will also come with time.

Make no mistake though, the laws that anchor this world are sure. If you celebrate others, others will celebrate you. If you celebrate yourself only and love yourself only, I don't even need to paint a picture.

The love of self alone is dangerous! Media makes it easy to paint a picture and maybe there are perks to it like: it is easy to know who likes you and who doesn't by the like button when you post a pic 😂. That's silly 😜. What if the person doesn't even check their page and you run with a lie?? I mean what then??

I fear for our children 😭. Even some adults are muzzled up inside. Get your picture out there and if no one likes it, you think something is wrong with you. Why oh why??
I had to share with my husband that I am now forced to check my own motive before posting because of our new awareness. I think I liked it better when Facebook had no like buttons, it made it easier for some of us who love the art of capturing image with time. You look at those images in your album and you have something to share with your grandchildren. No pressure at all. I also love that people get to celebrate me and I can do the same genuinely.

Excessive self-love is a curse from God. It usually happens when a generation refuses to acknowledge God and in turn they are given to excessive love of self. Romans 1:21-32; Proverbs 18:12.
The sad part is what we are seeing is merely a symptom and a sign of what is degenerating inwardly..
I am now scared that just as President elect Trump's victory shook the world and took many believers unawares, the coming of Christ will shake the world unawares. Many would be lost, loving self, catering to self and actively disobeying God's command to love Him and others as our self. The self should be the last one in the order, not first.

Have you been caught up in the lie or perhaps you are not intentionally loving others? It is time to take the bull by the horn in 2017. What I do now is what I call the intentional law of loving others despite themselves. If we were to take into account people's demeanor, we would never love outside of ourselves and it is dangerous for any of God's people in any generation.

Are you loving God enough?
Are you loving others enough?
Most people already love themselves and indeed there are exceptions, but we oft don't even know how to do it without God's direction. When we go against Him, it is the first act of self destruction instead of "self-love."

Lastly, love is for mature hearts. "When I was a child I spoke like a child and perhaps even loved myself like a child, but when I became a man(mature), I put away childish things-excerpts from 1Corinthians 13:11."
As people we must become mature
As a church we must grow into maturity, then and only then can we become true laborers with God, bringing His good news to the lost. How can we bear good news when the blind leads the blind. We are too worried about the self.

When next you're about to take a quick selfie 🤳, let it ring out loud! Are you loving others enough as yourself??
Ok, let's now practice...
Who is your WCW??

#BeWise #BeMature #BeDeliberate #CelebrateAnotherToday

Living, Loving and Laughing


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