"WCW" -- A/n O.D.D. (Officially Different Diva)~FLOTUS MICHELLE OBAMA

Welcome to this edition of We Celebrate Women(WCW)!
A big warm cheers to FLOTUS on her birthday this month!

As a woman it is very important to discover who you are in life before what I call "Lights, Camera, Action". 
A young Michelle who grew up with her family in the South side of Chicago did not see the Lights, Camera and Action coming. Her parents did not even know they were raising a FLOTUS! Little did they all know. Little would you know...

Knowing who you are should be a plus to your spouse, not a liability.
Being different by chasing after your purpose and the mark you want to make is what attracts you to a man and to the world.
First Lady Michelle Obama is one of such, who found herself in this world doing what she knows how to do best. Being smart. It was while she was busy being smart with grace that the very first African American president in history of the United States found her. I doubt he would have noticed her if she blended so easily into the crowd.
Smart, passion, difference makes you stand out in the crowd.
Perhaps you are trying so hard to chase after getting married before finding out who you are. Now is the time to place your priorities right. Maybe you are already married and you don't know what your purpose is yet, don't worry, I think you still can figure out what makes you O.D.D.

Most people fight to fit in.
In fact when you do things differently, the natural instinct to be accepted kicks in.
The human nature and emotion cannot handle the adrenaline rush of being rejected.
It takes a different die-hard grace to waltz around the world like you own it.
As women, we crave attention naturally, we die to be listened to, to be heard. Our egos are naturally caressed when we are being paid attention. And oh for the love of 'Like Buttons' on social media in this generation. We have what I call shallow minded role models. Fame without substance. We are living in times when a woman thinks it is ok to advertise her nudity and thinks she is unique because she receives attention for it. Hence, misleading many young girls to believe that is the only acceptable way.

Michelle Obama, is not only smart but graceful. She makes the woman with melanin respect her difference and also treats the woman's body like the temple it is, to be adored. Not displayed for dogs to wag their tongues at, and tails after.
It takes a different kind of resilience to be content even when you're not being noticed for the work you do.
Michelle's style was different with the right attitude. Today and forever, she will be celebrated as the first black female president in America.
That is the kind of classy mark any woman should aim for. Christian or not.

Are you currently doing something different than the norm. Let me tell you! You are O.D.D! You are a creator! That is what makes you stand out. 
Standing up for Jesus already makes you unique in this world and if you manage to stick with it, perhaps you'd be noticed, perhaps you wouldn't, but who cares. Be so wrapped up in your indifference that even God would have to give you a standing ovation. 
Forget about the crowd's cheers! Forget about the compliments. If they come, great, if they don't, never be discouraged. Just keep being O.D.D!

A Standing Ovation for my First Lady Michelle Obama. You are my WCW always. 
Thank you for making women hope and dream again. Thank you for supporting your husband's dream and staying true to yours. Thank you for not changing who you are and what you stand for. It takes a strong hearted woman to wear the crown you wear. 

We Celebrate You!!!

Live, Love, Laugh



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