Hello lovers, 

Over the years of starting this blog and penning my heart out; some of you can tell that I’m a lover, some may call me an hopeless romantic, ya-di ya-di ya-da…
Well, beyond all that I am a sweet passionate lover of God and I desire that people understand how important His love is, to have a balanced life. So, with all that introduction, I hope you’re ready to read with me some useful insights to genuine love and what it’s not.

When we love the Lord passionately with all our heart, mind and soul, only then can He teach us how to love ourselves and others ideally.
Many people and marriages are either in love with the idea of love or love the way they know how to. God's love is simply obedience. "If you love me, you will obey my voice." In His Love, He teaches us to shut everything out and follow His voice, statutes and to discover all that He has planned for His lover (you). I mean, it is bad enough that we have distractions all over the place, but the worse is to try to figure out the Love of God with our frail emotions, affections and intellect. Many institutions have failed woefully at this, because only God Himself is great at this.

My very own best friend and lover, said only, whole + whole = whole; not half whole + whole, or half + half = whole. I know there's math going on there, but think about it. This is very, accurately precise at this time folks! A lot of people think marriage will fix them or another person will. That Marriage will only end up drained out, or the other person burned out trying to fix the reason for the "half whole" problems. 

When we love the Lord passionately with all our heart, mind and soul, only then can He teach us how to love ourselves and others ideally.

I, myself was pondering on the word: "In the last days, people shall be lovers of themselves rather than the lover of God" (2 Timothy 3:2). I thought; "God wanted us to love others as ourselves," but excuse me, that will be after you have truly learned to Love Him and not yourself. The very first law is to love Him with your soul and everything. You're so consumed in that love, you forget you exist, not minding me, myself and I. Then only can you love another truly. 
I am also not speaking about the "possessive dependence" on another, or "obsessive conceited behavior." I have carefully picked out those two scenarios, because that is what I see today. The first one, is the idea of loving another such that you cannot exist without them. That is a lie from the pit of hell. That is pure evil and if there is anyone living that lie, I sincerely pray that you be delivered. God has not called us to such. The only person you can't live without should be God. God pairs us with another because the focus should already be on Him before pairing. A man and woman that love and depend on God's love, can adequately love one another in harmony. The second one, is the very destructive, selfish type of love, the one that considers nothing but itself. Many people are sad, depressed and lost when they do not repent from this kind of self obsession. 
Wherever you are, just take a moment to think about where you are, in God, in relationship, in marriage, in purpose. You might just be broken enough to be fixed, if you genuinely repent and ask Him for help. He says: "ask and you shall receive."

Prayer: Lord, touch my heart to love you like no other and like never before. Deliver me from evil and let me not slip away from your presence. Let me be so consumed by your love, because only then can I love myself and others truly. Amen.


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