Like a dream, you do take away the pain of a sorry love
With each day do you carefully count the wrong away
I'm in awe as you subtly rid me off my breathing breath
You smile, you hope, you wait for this heart gently


Then one night as I sorely cried myself to pray
Did your warm hand extend the finest of ododo
It was yet a remembrance of who I once was
Its fragrance knocked me off my angry balance


The touch of how you woo me is now forever still
Day to day, year to year, renewing a power bound love
Inhaling the myrrh of each finely crafted lover's flower
Even dreams capture the scent of it to my reality


I am your ododo, and you the love that blossoms me to smile
Like the seasons we are bound to change from time to time
But this ododo certainly has the wild of a sycamore
Its bow of love divine will cast out fears of bloody past


Dearest of all fairest, on my heart you're carved to stay
You are now King to the Queen of our love's royalty
Love is love, from age to age, and I have become purer
Purely eternal to your fate and I am my lover's flower.

Happy Lover's day Lovers.




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