My heart is full of gentle maybe
I softly rehearse the sound of it
Maybe he will turn and look at me
Maybe his gaze will cause a shift
My heart is a raging gong of music
The dillydally of a magical booze
How I dance merrily to its peak
Waiting for my soul's manful ooze
Do you see my body waltz round
Waiting to be saved by one's stop
One whose arms my heart is bound
Maybe tonight wishes mount to top
Maybe tonight he will curl up to side
Counting doting stars with held hands
Maybe the morning won't just slide
But feed us with dreamy live bands
Maybe just maybe this dream will be
What life plans does life plan to bring
Maybe life will oblige mine and maybe
He's right at my doorstep to freely ding!

Living with loads of Love and Laughter.


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