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Yea, I know it's been a minute but I have had so many things to ponder on these past few months and as the year is closing out, I wanted to address a very critical issue that some of us need to sit down and ponder upon. Please, please and please this is not calling out anyone or any organization. This is just admonishing the Church of Christ and bringing to our attention some of His words that we need to seriously apply.

A sanguine man will treat salvation as a privilege and may sometimes overstep the boundaries of grace due to his carefree attitude while a melancholic man might feel guilt, punish himself and probably drag others into his pessimism. A phlegmatic man might slowly but surely grasp the graciousness of Christ, while a choleric will be ever ready to win his world for Christ in optimism. (All these personality traits have pros and cons). While my analysis may be critically wrong, I want us to examine Zacchaeus, the very short man who climbed a tree to witness Jesus and eventually had Jesus dine with his family and received salvation and the woman with the issue of blood, who secretly in her mind thought if only she could touch the elm of His garment then she would be made whole and truly received her salvation as well. I sometimes wonder what we think of salvation and how some people in the name of their gifts turn other humans captive of their little perception of salvation. I'm sure the term for all these acts that received something from Jesus is called faith and in fact have been awarded with hierarchies.

I grew up watching some "over zealous" members of the body of Christ act like brand new John the Baptist, and that's not to say that it is wrong, but they just damned everyone who appeared sinful to hell like they were not saved by the same Jesus who called them out of darkness. By the way, there will never be another John the Baptist; his role was perfectly fulfilled. Just saying. I admire the personality of Christ Jesus more than anyone on the planet today. I think He was one man that exhibited all traits perfectly. He was never forceful and the only time church folks pissed Him off was when they were buying and selling in the temple (the new order of the day in today's church). The person of Christ is the reason I'm in love with Him. Everything I've read and meditated on and who He has proved Himself to be everyday in my life.

So, moving on, I am stepping out to say that we are free to express the salvation of Christ as beautifully different as we are. Short, grumpy, tall, happy, average and harsh; the differences can never be downplayed. Back to my analysis. If your pastor is melancholic by nature, be careful to study how he navigates the word and delivers it to the hearers. Same goes for a choleric one, who will probably be more poise about his delivery and teach his members leadership. Today's church has invested so much in creating style and a systematic way of worship, but I say to you purely; choose who and what to follow. As a courtesy to ministers, I will say that if your leader is quite phlegmatic and does the delivery in a way that you do not see fit, then pray to God for a leading to where your soul will be nourished in a very respectful way without calling names and pulling down reputable and anointed people. On the other hand, ministers, especially of small gatherings where you can notice that a member has left your organization, please be Christ's ambassadors and stop pulling down people with your attitude as well. That they left your organization should not make you sworn enemies. Stop taking it personal. I would think that the Church belongs to Christ anyway. So what's the beef? Everyone deserves to worship God in the right atmosphere, right minister and right mindset. I have heard members complain bitterly about their pastors and ministers, but have refused to leave. Come on! You are doing yourself no good, neither are you doing that wonderful minister. My advise: LEAVE! This caution is to both hearers and doers, Ministers and members. Differences are allowed, so are choices.

There are some real issues in today's church and this is just one of the very many that Christians stare at in the face. A choleric person might have ideas to move an organization forward but if he has a melancholic boss, then those ideas might end up trashed and viewed as a threat to him/her. There is power in the differences that we have only if we all can work together. The reason why some organizations appear larger and stronger is: unity in vision and great leadership and follower-ship. That's not to also say smaller organizations are not united, but it's also relative to the visioneer's preference which you must learn critically from the leader him/herself. Some may choose to minister to only a hand full, if Jesus tarries and some wish to capture the world for Christ. God bless Pastor E.A Adeboye; that is one huge dreamer and has managed to surround himself with likeminded folks. (I am not a pastor, but I struggled with this vision for the longest). I'm sure I would have gladly rebelled in ignorance back then. Unfortunately, those who do not dream like him or agree with the vision but still intend to pastor one of his churches might not survive. It's no joke, but if you don't see it, you don't see it. Reason why so many people end up starting their own ministries these days. Please, if God says go ahead, go o. 

Church business is for another day but I hope I helped one or two folks channel their decisions the right way. Please embrace and respect one another's differences. It is powerful when two can agree to walk in Christ, it is also disastrous when we tear each other apart in ignorance. And not just in Church, but in marriages too folks. If one partner dreams too big, the other might not be able to support because they lack the ability too. marry your kind, Church your kind too. Have a blessed day people.

Note: I referenced Pastor E.A Adeboye because He is my Father in the Lord.
Please feel free to bear your minds. I am open to your critics and opinions as we learn everyday.

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