I am fairly and fearfully mended
You are bright and heavenly descended
I, then freely accord to you Ayanfe
The one that presses my bosom with Ife,

Ayanfe, is it fair that I should melt
Like a Queen at the fairy fair
Is it that I secretly nurse to fear
The possibilities of this affair Ololufe,

Need I remind you about how unfairly
You leave me helplessly blushing redly fair
How in the setting suave coming nearly
I lay like a restless fruity pear,

We're a present pair in the sight of Almighty Ife
His arms do bear, it does gently protect
Allow this very journey on this fairly conquest
Filled with alabaster fetish that mends

Your Ife protests to do me fair Ayanfe
So, how can I tend to offend
And all I really ever meant to send
Is I carry your Ife in me, Ayanfe.

Live, Love, Laugh

Kokoro Ife by Gabriel Afolayan.


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