There is a power to be, the drive to be
There is this to be I'm forever told to be
There is a burning coal of struggle of who to be
The mirror of who to be ever changing variations

Who am I? Who am I to be? Which is to be?
The very deep dark side of every man
A voice tells this, another tells that
Caught in the alliance of a duo sentiment

Bewildered by the entrance and exit of our humanity
How quickly we must transcend unto the unknown
But many will never come to face the terms of life
Shattering the mirror of the real inward to be

The universe a large volume of happenings
Even the lovely birds seem to soar freely
still are bound by the capacitance of nature
all things strictly restricted in freedom

I am previously flawed, supernaturally awed
This me within to be is all I choose to be
This enormous light changing my deep dark
The very adventures of searching for my to be

Live, Love, Laugh


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