I'm sitting at the center of the world, while many wimp at the turbid
I at the very orbit of humanity, sighting the chaos that had long been 
The ones that we subtly feed; and maybe we digest too quickly
Somehow we read, we see, we know, and it's not new; not exactly
I'm in the nook of my mind, where my power lies, and if I so choose 
I could rule my world from here, so intensely without remorse
The beauty of skin, the necessity of a mother tongue
Still the unborn hides in his cocoon unaware of his destiny
He rises without fear, praising the world of his mind 
Fighting the battle of limitation; each day another day
Each piece with its cunning puzzle prickling to be picked
Fearless I was born, fearless I must choose to become
Through this charade of groping fear
I must fight to find the entity of illusory
Its path gruesome and dark like a monumental valley
Which I must now fetch my armor to stand its eruption
You're there in your power; and who knows 
Perhaps your power will soon rule the world
You're there right now dissatisfied and puffed at another 
For outrageous discrepancies in their usage of chance and time
I have learned in abstraction; the power of opposition in nature
How the negative aids the positive, how darkness aids light
The balance therefore completes the universal state of mind
My little piece is to nudge your power to focus
Not on the constants that distracts,
But on treasures yet to be dug.
Without fear, I can't be Fearless! 

Live, Love, Laugh


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