Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I am fairly and fearfully mended
You are bright and heavenly descended
I, then freely accord to you Ayanfe
The one that presses my bosom with Ife,

Ayanfe, is it fair that I should melt
Like a Queen at the fairy fair
Is it that I secretly nurse to fear
The possibilities of this affair Ololufe,

Need I remind you about how unfairly
You leave me helplessly blushing redly fair
How in the setting suave coming nearly
I lay like a restless fruity pear,

We're a present pair in the sight of Almighty Ife
His arms do bear, it does gently protect
Allow this very journey on this fairly conquest
Filled with alabaster fetish that mends

Your Ife protests to do me fair Ayanfe
So, how can I tend to offend
And all I really ever meant to send
Is I carry your Ife in me, Ayanfe.

Live, Love, Laugh

Kokoro Ife by Gabriel Afolayan.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Hello folks, families, friends, lovers and fans!
Yea, I know it's been a minute but I have had so many things to ponder on these past few months and as the year is closing out, I wanted to address a very critical issue that some of us need to sit down and ponder upon. Please, please and please this is not calling out anyone or any organization. This is just admonishing the Church of Christ and bringing to our attention some of His words that we need to seriously apply.

A sanguine man will treat salvation as a privilege and may sometimes overstep the boundaries of grace due to his carefree attitude while a melancholic man might feel guilt, punish himself and probably drag others into his pessimism. A phlegmatic man might slowly but surely grasp the graciousness of Christ, while a choleric will be ever ready to win his world for Christ in optimism. (All these personality traits have pros and cons). While my analysis may be critically wrong, I want us to examine Zacchaeus, the very short man who climbed a tree to witness Jesus and eventually had Jesus dine with his family and received salvation and the woman with the issue of blood, who secretly in her mind thought if only she could touch the elm of His garment then she would be made whole and truly received her salvation as well. I sometimes wonder what we think of salvation and how some people in the name of their gifts turn other humans captive of their little perception of salvation. I'm sure the term for all these acts that received something from Jesus is called faith and in fact have been awarded with hierarchies.

I grew up watching some "over zealous" members of the body of Christ act like brand new John the Baptist, and that's not to say that it is wrong, but they just damned everyone who appeared sinful to hell like they were not saved by the same Jesus who called them out of darkness. By the way, there will never be another John the Baptist; his role was perfectly fulfilled. Just saying. I admire the personality of Christ Jesus more than anyone on the planet today. I think He was one man that exhibited all traits perfectly. He was never forceful and the only time church folks pissed Him off was when they were buying and selling in the temple (the new order of the day in today's church). The person of Christ is the reason I'm in love with Him. Everything I've read and meditated on and who He has proved Himself to be everyday in my life.

So, moving on, I am stepping out to say that we are free to express the salvation of Christ as beautifully different as we are. Short, grumpy, tall, happy, average and harsh; the differences can never be downplayed. Back to my analysis. If your pastor is melancholic by nature, be careful to study how he navigates the word and delivers it to the hearers. Same goes for a choleric one, who will probably be more poise about his delivery and teach his members leadership. Today's church has invested so much in creating style and a systematic way of worship, but I say to you purely; choose who and what to follow. As a courtesy to ministers, I will say that if your leader is quite phlegmatic and does the delivery in a way that you do not see fit, then pray to God for a leading to where your soul will be nourished in a very respectful way without calling names and pulling down reputable and anointed people. On the other hand, ministers, especially of small gatherings where you can notice that a member has left your organization, please be Christ's ambassadors and stop pulling down people with your attitude as well. That they left your organization should not make you sworn enemies. Stop taking it personal. I would think that the Church belongs to Christ anyway. So what's the beef? Everyone deserves to worship God in the right atmosphere, right minister and right mindset. I have heard members complain bitterly about their pastors and ministers, but have refused to leave. Come on! You are doing yourself no good, neither are you doing that wonderful minister. My advise: LEAVE! This caution is to both hearers and doers, Ministers and members. Differences are allowed, so are choices.

There are some real issues in today's church and this is just one of the very many that Christians stare at in the face. A choleric person might have ideas to move an organization forward but if he has a melancholic boss, then those ideas might end up trashed and viewed as a threat to him/her. There is power in the differences that we have only if we all can work together. The reason why some organizations appear larger and stronger is: unity in vision and great leadership and follower-ship. That's not to also say smaller organizations are not united, but it's also relative to the visioneer's preference which you must learn critically from the leader him/herself. Some may choose to minister to only a hand full, if Jesus tarries and some wish to capture the world for Christ. God bless Pastor E.A Adeboye; that is one huge dreamer and has managed to surround himself with likeminded folks. (I am not a pastor, but I struggled with this vision for the longest). I'm sure I would have gladly rebelled in ignorance back then. Unfortunately, those who do not dream like him or agree with the vision but still intend to pastor one of his churches might not survive. It's no joke, but if you don't see it, you don't see it. Reason why so many people end up starting their own ministries these days. Please, if God says go ahead, go o. 

Church business is for another day but I hope I helped one or two folks channel their decisions the right way. Please embrace and respect one another's differences. It is powerful when two can agree to walk in Christ, it is also disastrous when we tear each other apart in ignorance. And not just in Church, but in marriages too folks. If one partner dreams too big, the other might not be able to support because they lack the ability too. marry your kind, Church your kind too. Have a blessed day people.

Note: I referenced Pastor E.A Adeboye because He is my Father in the Lord.
Please feel free to bear your minds. I am open to your critics and opinions as we learn everyday.

Image reference: http://kalvikalanjiam.com/english/2012/11/30/ways-to-improve-your-positive-personality-traits/

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello readers,

Let me take this time out to appreciate each and everyone of you for stopping by this time to fellowship on this blog. I call it that, because I am not oblivious to our struggles and battles in life and somehow I believe it feels great to have someone else in a different part of the world sharing and encouraging as we move past each mile stone. So, Thank you!

 I will not restrict this article to only mature, bone eating Christians, but to all, because we all must be wise to apprehend on this journey to eternity.
When we hear the word wisdom, we make a quick reference to the application of knowledge, which in fact is true, but I have been doing some personal digging and finding. For many well grounded followers of Christ; it is a major pride to boast, of course in the Lord as Paul says, about the spruce of knowledge we have walking with God. I have found that each step comes with its own testing of what we know and how we faithfully follow the grid. Some of us are truly on a progressive track, some are stuck in a repetitive cycle and some are stagnant.

Wisdom is beautifully crowned upon a man or woman who can carefully follow instructions through God's directive authority.
Aren't most of us keen and choosy on who and what caliber of people to follow? Let us take a minute to logically analyze how our human mind decides who it can submit to. A class of people will automatically follow their own class or someone of a higher class. The rich will never submit to anything less than his pedigree. The poor will rebel at the roughening lead of the rich. The educated will question the etiquette of the uneducated. Most of these categories of people would prefer a leadership that complements them or one they can easily influence and manipulate. Look around you, it is everywhere: politics, religion, even families. An average woman will likely submit to a rich husband than a poor one. This evil nature is the one man must give up in order to faithfully follow his maker.

"Wisdom is beautifully crowned upon a man or woman who can carefully follow instructions through God's directive authority."

I am writing about the wisdom that knows no class, age, culture, race or religion. This kind of wisdom who can find?
I searched deeply within my 26 year old body and I dared to ask myself; "would I have a problem with a 15 year old teaching me or bossing me around?" If he even went ahead and became a president, would I defy his words? If a sharply dressed man walked up to me and another dressed in rags did the same; would my heart see soul before appearance?  If a light skinned and dark skinned applied for a job, would I discriminate? Do I pass a foul joke at someone unkempt? These are the realities of following Christ, the equality in His love. I could not tell you that I wouldn't play the race card or give a hearing to a better looking person in appearance. I sniffed the hypocritical values that were craftily hidden under false words. I am weak; so weak from the height of my mundane folly. Many things rule us in this world and we're not even close to being aware of it. The social norms and the clich├ęs gently sup away our reality of Him and yet we lay claim on the letters.

Wisdom is not in the years, it is not in the persona. It is a Spirit that God gives to guide when we follow. When we submit totally to God, He clothes us with His Spirit of Wisdom.
This is the only Spirit that can follow wrong leadership and oppression; not because He cannot challenge the filth of the wrong but because Wisdom knows the right judgement and calculation of God, which our human mind is restricted from seeing. Many of us Christians have found solace in pointing fingers at Pastors and Ministers, forgetting that God hates rebellion. If you can't faithfully follow a man, you can't follow God. This applies to marriage; a woman who cannot follow her man need not deceive herself by serving in Church, God sees that you cannot follow Him. Selah.

"If you can't faithfully follow a man, you can't follow God." 

God sees bad leadership before we speculate it, but we are too much in a haste to fight God's battle, so we lose sight of following directions. I am hoping this is a wake up call to many of us who are imperfectly perfect introspectively in our own ways. We even have many perfect ideas to implement, but we're rebellious and are still going about it the wrong way. We now have an opportunity to turn a new leaf. Like I wrote earlier; it is easier to subject to one's kind or a subtle leader. How about a very hard headed leader?

Take a look at the relationship between Saul and David, Eli and Samuel, Elijah and Elisha. These three relationships show us the examples of good and bad leadership and how each follower remained faithfully serving and following instructions until the mantle was transferred. If God rejected Saul and the sons of Eli, how much more many of us who constantly rebel? Many have been rejected and aren't even aware of it. Still operating under an old rejected anointing?
David avoided every instance of rebellion against Saul, though Saul sought to take his life. Many of us are not being haunted by Pastors and Ministers, yet we rebel in words, in deeds and in actions; seeking for a suitable place of worship, moving from church to church but not paying attention to God's sensitivity per time. "God mercy us!"

If this generation must receive the mantle, then it must be with humble hearts that are ready to follow in wisdom. Gifts and talents aren't enough; perfect and smooth oratory abilities does not cut it, else it will be as empty noise. God cares about lost souls and comforting his sheep to a promised land. Can He count on you? Are we prepared to be wise custodians or do we continue to be foolish know it alls?

"If this generation must receive the mantle, then it must be with humble hearts that are ready to follow in wisdom."

Paul says: "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended; but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before..." (Phil 3:13).

The future is brightly laid before you and I; choose wisely!

Live, Love, Learn, Laugh

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The heart of man is desperate, wicked and vindictive. Man wonders why God takes forever to pass a death sentence at another man like himself. He wants quick response to his every complaint and even wonders why God suffers long. The heart of man will try to manipulate God at every point to work for him and him alone. Every attempt to try to brainwash the heart of men about not needing God, exposes the vulgarity of man and the dire need of God.

If God took a rash decision at every single pointing mistake and blunder we commit; then there will be no need for existence. So why do we in a haste need God to suddenly curse our enemies (men like us), lock them up, and cause more harm to ourselves? Men are like onions in its ball; having one source. When we cause harm to one, we cause harm to all.
Everyday comes with its challenges no doubt and some of us just enjoy the magnification of pain rather than the freedom and compassion of Love. We forget that there's no definite separation between the two. Pain and anguish becomes bearable where there's the permeability of Love.

In my observation this year, I realize that we might be entering an era of massive independence. Men and women independent of one another. The "I don't need you, you don't need me" syndrome. Marriages are predictably going to be short term and even void of children, because of the inability to extend care and Love. People are conceited and care nothing about no one else. I mean take an extensive look around you. In the core of it, it can be useful, because for someone like me; it can mean focus and devotion to God, myself and my son. On the other hand; it might mean selfishness and non compassion for others. Who then am I reaching out to if I'm not sensitive to the needs of others?

Let me touch on the relationship aspect a little bit more. It will be quite dicy for many men and women as many falseness will take over. These are not predictions or mere statistics. If you study the Bible; Jesus had long spoken about what must be. I am just a writer that enjoys putting a thought out there to enlighten someone.
The one thing that God stresses is Love; and there goes my stress. I'm not sure what else I can preach on this earth that's better than Love. If you were sick in your body; I count it as temporary pain, not to mean God is unable to heal, but looking at the bigger picture, death is however inevitable. So, what must become of you? A life of sensitive compassion for others or a life forgotten?

So, what if he or she chooses not to marry you? So what? I'm sure this must ring a bell...ha ha. Some of us are so full of hate and pain and heart ache that we have successfully invited into our hearts. I mean what if he or she cheats on you and walks away with everything you ever worked for? You must think yours is worse until you meet someone with a stench of pain, but still manages to exude the character of Love. I will never stop to mention a fine Lady Reverend Tai Ikomi, who lost her children and husband; all in one day and yet preaches the message of Love and healing to others both in speaking and writing. She inspired whatever is left of my frail years to do good.

Listen; a man of blessed wealth is as a powerful King whose name was sung abroad, over the isles, not because of his acquired wealth, but because on the lips of the poor and needy, he had put a smile worth more than rubies. Love in the heart of man is God accomplished and established. God did not anoint you a Pastor or Minstrel to cast out demons alone. No! He has mandated you to show compassion to others even at the expense of their death.

We should be moved with compassion about our present world. Oh yes! Jesus was too. He still went around doing good; not slandering and judging men. That is the ultimate attitude of Love. If you are struggling; then keep in mind that I am struggling too. No one is an island on how to Love.

We all fail to learn and miss the turns at different stages; don't we now? The lesson of love however, is not to judge others at their learning stages (which may mean an act of ignorance and absolute wickedness in our sight), because we will learn and outgrow that stage and become better. What do you think will happen when we all struggle and judge? We have successfully opened ourselves up to slander and judgement. It is more fun when you sit in the seat of judgement, but not fun when the judgement is being passed at you. 

If you're a true believer; or in fact your religion preaches absolute Love and Christ; this is a sweet reminder that we're in a world that's moving pretty fast. When you wake up in your thistles or roses; to smell your coffee or brush your teeth; remember not to wallow in the gallows of hate and vindication. I'm not sure how to put it; but you can't possibly Love too much. Yea...right there.

Beware now people! Do unto others as you bid it be done unto you!

This is a call to your heart to Love one day more!

Let me also say that Michael Jackson, you're loved and remembered today!


Sunday, June 8, 2014


The closest thing to darkness is to be depressed and lost; so lost though we're walking.

Hello readers, I am Kaylove and I'd like to introduce you to the many sorrowful hearts, deeply lost and currently searching for a way out. Perhaps, you are one of the many bright smiles I see everyday, but if we took just a moment to look into the eyes of the heart, then we'd realize how many lost souls are seeking some way out of their dark enchantment. There are many things I want to write, but I doubt a simple blog will do the total justice.
Why it took my "imperfect heart" about four years to get over the so called trauma; I don't know, but here's what I'm hoping to achieve here for someone: that it won't take another beautiful heart so long to get up on out of that state of darkness.

Here's the tricky thing about this, we look just the same way we've been looking for the past five years, day in, day out, living deeply within the cocoon of our well crafted sadness. Unbelievable achievements we'd imagined at the age of 10, and here we are; a reckless failure battling with the imaginations of our "supposed to be success." You want it, you pursue it; you have it and you see someone else's, but then you want even more. We all battle the power of insecurities, wanting to be something we don't even understand. Some of us have created models that deal with us daily, and then we die a little more. What is life, if it so full of chaotic confusion? Peace is far gone and we're being tossed and tormented between what we should be and what we've been told to be.

The Emotion, in my opinion is the most fragile embodiment of the human nature, yet so powerful. Such that a simple word can destroy one's orientation. Why is it so important to plant positive words into children while they're growing up? The worst thing is to then think that those positive words should stop brewing at puberty and then we can allow and feed our minds with the dirtiness and junks we pick up everyday. Such minds wound up confused, taking the fragments and pieces they'd learned from peers and hoping there's an atom of truth and a way to be made.

Why do we need counselors and a rehabilitation forum? As far as I'm concerned, there are many broken people in this world, searching for the right kind of words to mend them.
The sad part though is to be 'awarely' unaware of the disease itself. We know, yet we don't. We know, yet we deny it. We know, but we are totally lost on how to find help. Well, thank God for the likes of Dr Phil (lol). We know, but we are too ashamed to talk about it. We hide under our shadow of success, hoping to find someone that will hide us some more. Many people end up a little lesser than they're supposed to give to their world.

Oh, did I tell you the perfect trait for such darkness: run and run, till there's no running left to do. It takes a Spirit stronger to acknowledge and want to be free. It takes another self encouragement like those you got from parents and school teachers praising you to succeed. It takes a conscious effort to confront that memory with newer ones. 

So, how well is your heart, soul and spirit? How well do we pay attention to these hidden parts that contribute majorly to our persona? I have come to realize in my moments of depression and healing that the way to be a victor; is to be punched and punched again but not giving up on the possibilities of being super punched again. When we give up, we stop living in the light and we're back in strange darkness. Hiding away until our frail bodies are done been used up here. I'm not sure we want that.

Peace and tranquility awaits only if we choose to be free. Our choices are powerful and quintessential to our soul.
Who is that next person to you, building up your soul with sour words or power words? Your choice!

As for me, I am taking life one step at a time. Coming to accept that life is far from what I'd thought it to be, planned it to be and want it to be. I am resolute to live in the awareness of light, encouraging others to do the same to the best of their available souls. Life is beautiful when you stretch your hands to help the next person to you, help the next person. You'd be amazed how many souls you'd saved.

Live, Love, Laugh always

Saturday, May 3, 2014


"The greatest ideal of nations is Freedom. But...Freedom without Law is Anarchy. LAW protects Freedom from anarchy"-- Myles Munroe.

I struggled in my bed last night to find comfort, call it the toss and turn game; and I realized that there was a message in my heart to my fellow Country. Anyone who knows me would know that I'm proudly Nigerian and I pride in the beauty of the Greens of mother nature. Africa brings its joy and attitude with it, so I'm one of its future that buds with eloquence. ☺
With all that said, I have seen many posts recently about the abduction case and let me just clarify that this unfortunate situation happened two solid weeks ago. It was one of the many moments where my heart just bleeds for the injustice that we must endure. The filthy foundational rumbles that cause nations to rise and fall. I mean take a good look at the beginning and ask if this really is a governmental issue, a territorial consolidation or a social affair.

I will try my best to project the truth about our aching backs, the bitter fact about our abducted sisters.  All these did not begin 2014, neither will it end by signing a petition. The bomb blast did not just arise 2014, neither will Boko-Haram be brought out in the open with our excruciating anger. The present President of Nigeria and all of its leadership are not exactly responsible, they might be part of the declination though. If something is not done fast and I mean drastically fast, then we're doomed  for the worse. We have been subjected to come out of comfort, being mentally caroused by sweet-talking whores, who want nothing but exuding power and gullibility. We in suffering believe their tongue and are lured to be disappointed over and again. The masses are indeed powerful but not mentally; we're made to believe that we need this handful of monsters who rob us off our rights to a peaceful government.

A lawless nation fails. Can I re-project that statement? A Country that selects leaders who fail to be accountable to the constitution of the law (mostly projected by seats that represent the masses) will head for disaster. (Our Constitution is whack by the way). When the British people handed us our independence, I'm not sure we understood the politics behind the power that was handed down to our forefathers, but nonetheless I am hoping and praying that a new breed will reconstruct the constitution that holds my Country. Nigeria holds no one accountable for embezzlement, mistakes, abduction, mishaps, mismanagement, bad leadership. No one is responsible for anything. The law is such that the leaders hold the law, not the masses, hence, the reason why the leaders are like toddlers in office. They have completely rendered the masses powerless. The law is super imaginary!

It is time for the 'educated' masses to rise up and ask for equal right to the government that rules them. A constitution that favors only the leaders is an invalid constitution. Power needs reconstruction. I am way tired of wicked folks who with massive greed in their heart beg to be voted into Aso Rock only to fail the mad man who gets killed by the road side and nothing is done to give him a proper burial ceremony. Many of the future Nigerians seek so hard to leave the Country because there are no jobs, yet we are one of the richest Countries in the world. How can our fruits Oh! Nigeria be dominant in the Sciences overseas and we have no jobs at home to come back to? How can our leaders be so selfish as to not see beyond their noses? You all who think you're alive, from OBJ to GEJ, let me announce to you that your grave is being dug and so will it for everyone who will continue to contribute to the nation's downfall. This is not a curse by the way, it is the law of  nature. It is appointed unto man to die once. So, tell me then, what good did you contribute to your nation?

Take a look at this list and tell me what's wrong? We have fine experts all over the world that can design a plan to last a nation for centuries, but No, we would rather deal with having the latest brand of cars and businesses than fix these sectors.


The national security system sucks so hard we can taste it all the way overseas. Many are scared to come home because they are sure even our cops rob them. I am with tears within and I'm not sure what my article can do. I'm not sure I want this to be another petition to Government because as far as I'm concerned there is no Government for the people. This Government favors itself and its leaders. It's the reason you don't see how the masses are dying of hunger, how grown men cannot provide for their families. You even dare take away their lands and fill it up with your greed. You make them pay for their own inheritance. Shame on you!

I enjoin every family and groups of family, every religion to join us in prayers for the affected families both from the bomb explosion and the abducted girls. We must pray but work must begin. Strategies must be put in place to enhance the law. I am standing for a project that sets a tone for a law that favors the economy and its people, not gullible irresponsible heartless leaders.
I even looked up the current constitution and there is nowhere it says; here is the penalty for breaking the oath of allegiance or the penalty for those elected into office, 'please feel free to object.'

Read the constitution here:


Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


There is a power to be, the drive to be
There is this to be I'm forever told to be
There is a burning coal of struggle of who to be
The mirror of who to be ever changing variations

Who am I? Who am I to be? Which is to be?
The very deep dark side of every man
A voice tells this, another tells that
Caught in the alliance of a duo sentiment

Bewildered by the entrance and exit of our humanity
How quickly we must transcend unto the unknown
But many will never come to face the terms of life
Shattering the mirror of the real inward to be

The universe a large volume of happenings
Even the lovely birds seem to soar freely
still are bound by the capacitance of nature
all things strictly restricted in freedom

I am previously flawed, supernaturally awed
This me within to be is all I choose to be
This enormous light changing my deep dark
The very adventures of searching for my to be

Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, February 13, 2014


My love is something like an endless sound
its effect is powerful invisibility subtly felt
When my day recurrently turns the night
You are my ready night falling into day

I'm calmly cocooned in this empty space of Love
You rule my space of love beautifully like a King
A King with his charm kindly carved upon my face
Gently hovered by the sweetness of your thoughts

Your love is like the taste of vintage never aging
Never ending sparks I feel from the warmth
You and my tomorrow sparkle joyfully alike
I in my wonder, you in your splendor

You're radiantly so perfect in your humanity
The nature of you that solely endears my heart
Calling those three magical words with dignity
Painting the colors as the colorful work of art

Our love is something like two turtle doves
Innocent and unaware of their bearing
Flowing to each other's walking guide
We hold our hearts still walking life

This is my love words in the the limitation of words
My words remain subject to the master of words
My action is influenced by the power of circumstances
But my heart is totally and infinitely ruled by your love

Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I'm sitting at the center of the world, while many wimp at the turbid
I at the very orbit of humanity, sighting the chaos that had long been 
The ones that we subtly feed; and maybe we digest too quickly
Somehow we read, we see, we know, and it's not new; not exactly
I'm in the nook of my mind, where my power lies, and if I so choose 
I could rule my world from here, so intensely without remorse
The beauty of skin, the necessity of a mother tongue
Still the unborn hides in his cocoon unaware of his destiny
He rises without fear, praising the world of his mind 
Fighting the battle of limitation; each day another day
Each piece with its cunning puzzle prickling to be picked
Fearless I was born, fearless I must choose to become
Through this charade of groping fear
I must fight to find the entity of illusory
Its path gruesome and dark like a monumental valley
Which I must now fetch my armor to stand its eruption
You're there in your power; and who knows 
Perhaps your power will soon rule the world
You're there right now dissatisfied and puffed at another 
For outrageous discrepancies in their usage of chance and time
I have learned in abstraction; the power of opposition in nature
How the negative aids the positive, how darkness aids light
The balance therefore completes the universal state of mind
My little piece is to nudge your power to focus
Not on the constants that distracts,
But on treasures yet to be dug.
Without fear, I can't be Fearless! 

Live, Love, Laugh