I seemingly travail, Oh! do I travail within ancient promises
My soul tiredly drives a loud bang at Heaven's door
Clack! Clack! Do you hear?
My hands are now weary, eyes worn out with tears
Chasing with the minutest of hope that you will show me
Show me the face of you, the embrace I find in your word
It's been a minute; but, it's been too long I held you
Well of words hold me, but my feelings are now dead

Arouse my heart's soul to find solace in your aura
I long for these tears to meet face on with your praise
Satisfy wholly these nudging appetite of burning desires
Help my helplessness, courage my heart with your presence

Heavily laden with burden still, drained in my heart's echo
A serenading shout to the ears of Heaven's supremacy
Boom! Boom! Do you feel?
My voice now faint, my heart beats to the rhythm still
Lurking for freedom through the highway of Sheol
Crawling with hope into an unknown paradise

The shout of travail do I hear within my bowels thick
My soul pants in groaning words of meditation
When will my salvation come? I eagerly ask

Tis the time when finally; travail meets victory
Tis the time when Heavenly bodies lift up with me
Shouting the shout of acclamation
Roaring with cymbals and harps
Let the laboring woman now rest in the face of her new born
Let the hopeless begin to count the many entrances of hope
Alas! Alas! My travail has met with victory!

Live, Love, Laugh


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