I write with much anticipation that I will someday become a Mrs to some Mr. I confidently know that touching on the relationship core is quite an interesting whisk for most people. I must also admit, that it is the most important part of my life. You know being a woman and letting that right man find me; or let's say being the Ruth and allowing my Boaz find me. I so love love-stories, but if you stay with me, you'll find the heart beneath this.
Just a couple of things for my readers this season. If for instance, you're doing the waiting and praying; not the talking and dating, then this might find solace with you. For the best of us doing the talking and dating; being there, done that. I will just tell you now, please don't waste your time! I know that we're all so different and God deals with us according to our heart and faith; but I found that: we surrender an aspect of our lives to Him and control the rest. I finally figured out that relationships and marriage-relations are institutions that might need an extra hand.
Many of my peers are now approaching that milestone, so here's a little tip for all my friends around the world, even if you're already married, you can readily tweak something by surrendering totally and not trying to be in control of the outcome of your relationship/marriage. 
Marriage itself is purposeful. It is bliss when it finds two individual purposeful beings, who will powerfully merge their core everything to become one, to advance glorification and God's intent. Counseling is good, but all it will take to advance marriage has been deposited within us by God. All we do is unfold it like an onion in its ring. However, you must pay attention to how and where the Spirit leads you for destiny purposes. Think about God as a potter who makes all these pots of clay, some are alike, some are duplicates, and some are different brands. If He then is the potter, He must readily know the perfect fit for each of His vessels. Selah
You know I'm typing this and I'm smiling at how much I've grown. The most beautiful part of Love is having a heart wide enough to watch others grow up. By growing up, I mean, giving them the chance of falling flat faced to the ground and being able to allow them get back up again to redeem themselves. That's the beauty of Love and my God. It is the most powerful virtue.
So, how many people are in marriages or in long courtships trying to figure out and understand their partners? I fear that you might fail many times at that attempt. On a lighter note, that person is a ball of world that would never fit into your brain, so why bother?
I have found that the best way to be a partner is by working so hard for all of your entirety to become a "Home" for them. Your home is that special place with many rooms; every room with its function. You take time to tidy up those rooms, and when you don't, it becomes a junkyard not ready to receive you or anyone at all. Many of us are too busy frolicking after the wrong things, calling them problems. If you're a woman and you're terribly bothered about how many women are hung on your handsome spouse, it is time to get those priorities right and vice versa for the men. What you might end up doing is to naggingly chase them away into the calling world; because you're too busy, you forget to make the home ready for them to come into. You will end up locking up the doors within your home subconsciously and only open the dirty untidy ones to your partner. 
Marriage is for serious protection, both for the man and the woman. If there's no security for both parties, there can't be trust. How then do you plan to continually keep the "Home" of your heart ready to receive your partner in marriage? I will say now, marriage is not for slackers, just like our walk with God is a serious race. We do slack once in a while, but that's why two are better than one. When one slacks, the other readily bears him up. Both partners must however be alert, constantly cleaning up, tidying up the homes of their heart to enjoy the bliss of marriage.
I will reiterate the importance of allowing to be led to that partner who will help you to destiny. When you choose, choose wisely! Some did it without the help of God, and later realize they need His help. While some sought His face and direction before hand and still continually lean on His help to glide through. Also, learn to see marriage through the eyes of He that created it. In whatever situation you find yourself, make sure you live the best of this life; married or unmarried, doing His will to the fullest, till there's no breath left in you.

Live, Love, Laugh


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