A cry of freedom, a nation's cry
Tears of blood, a Nation's rise
A resolute trial from a slave's try
Thorn-ful sting, but a people's price

Unity sings, but the people disperse
In words we rule, but the actions forsaken
Death gnaws, the young labor one day more
Their hearts driven to provoking thistles

Tower of babel broken down by our feeble hands
War knocking in the place of religious ethics
Each one embracing his own dangling belief
Forgetting the morals of any true religion

The fear of death, but death surely comes
Patriots in goodness have all sufficed
Everyone spreading a bloody seed
Legendary happenings will surely exit

A cry to all our leaders in place
Time is a necessary virtue
Temporarily constant at all times
Preparing the seat only for the next

A change inevitable, but we cry!
Only for a soothing change, our hearts yearn
The nation adding suitable years to itself
Must also add its dreams palatable.

My home is my home!

Happy Independence NIGERIA!

Live, Love, Laugh


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