Hello to the beautiful minds that stop by this page every time to read my heart. Some of these things I write, I somewhere within hope and pray that it finds the hearts of even the younger generations for direction in a dark complicated world, where fathers fail to be fathers and have stopped receiving instructions from the correct source to teach their sons. A world where mothers now feel the need to become fathers, teaching their daughters only to be men. A world where there is misplacement of priorities, teaching every young child only to look to their peers for answers on how to navigate this world. Yes, those ones do my heart reach out to. Yes, my heart only prays to see my Manny stand up for the truth of Love in his heart, no matter who was there to train him. That he receives the right instructions to guide his feet into life.

I know every home has a story of it own. Mine is nothing short of every thriving woman's story in my life. These women are strong it hurts. Yes, I am strong it hurts, because I can only look back and realize that I was trained by a culture that pushes me to strength. I was trained by being first place in the family, which only pressured me to want to lay good examples. So, while so many boys sat there watching soccer, thinking it's a man's world, gradually losing the strength of being a son, looking to the girls to do every chore in the home; some of us girls learned how to be first place only. Some of these boys have been failed by fathers, who were probably too busy to give honorable instructions to their boys. Also being failed to see a woman honored, such that they would learn to honor the women in their world. No wonder the book of Proverbs stresses so much on instruction. Instructions guide the feet of a man to wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom in turn guides a man to mature understanding. An understanding that teaches one to walk with another together in friendship, relationship and marriage.
We now have a chaotic world of beings looking for the right relationship to mend their brokenness. The man blames the woman, the woman blames the man. Truth is; the foundation on which many  boys and girls were nurtured has its miniature. This is not directed to boost religion or culture. This is just me being an observer in my world right now. This is me suggesting the solutions to minds that are ready to heal for a beautiful future, and if indeed marriages were models, then those before us will teach their young sons to see visions and their young daughters to prophecy.

Little wonder why so many grown men and women (in age) are emotional wrecks, bestowing wrecks on the souls of others that come their way. The newest style is dating, dating and more dating. Imagine how the population of broken hearted beings are doubling in the world of dating. Culture unfortunately doesn't heal the half-baked emotions left for us to take into the institution of marriage, hence, more divorces. How can a woman who had been brutally abused remember how to trust a man? How can a man love a woman who in turn chooses infidelity, how can he learn to ever trust a woman? Yet these two kinds go into these dating relationships which might lead into marriage; seeking to be healed by another who had no idea of the hurt they'd been through.

In fact, let me shock you about how the hurt of a mistreated childhood can throw a supposedly blissful life off tangent. So many of us, need to visit that spot where our sweet childhood turned into a sour fast paced one. Every child reserves the right to grow up well, ready to face the world. So many boys and girls never grew up to become men and women. How then do you expect a boy and a girl to walk together in a marriage institution modeled only for mature (grown up to be men and women) minds. It will not work if a boy marries a woman and if a man marries a girl. One will definitely get hurt. Guess who will? The man not the boy, the woman not the girl. We all know what we would do back in elementary school when we had special friends who would hurt us, and so quickly, we would move on to the next available special friend. I assertively do not speak of age. The boy and girl ‘syndrome’ applies to every age bracket. Boys and girls (not in age) pay no attention to their wounds because realistically daddy and mommy would tend to that wound. My question is; where are our daddies and mommies to perceive and observe that we're wounded constantly? Our wounds must be nurtured to healing. It is even worse where soul ties (sex) take place in these relationships. So many breakups have it seriously bad these days.

If my words find sense in your soul, then you will take time to evaluate your life at this point. Oh! Trust me, much of that I had been doing in the last three months. I thought I was ready, so ready to bliss again, and there came all the dirt from my hurtful childhood that I had to fix, an encroaching abusive past that eats trust out of my heart. No man deserves to live with all that baggage right. If you're the man, the woman you choose does not deserve to live with your hurtful unhealed past. That soul deserves healing, a healing that hurts, but will surely come. It is not too late to take time in or out of that relationship to work out the foundation of your life before another innocent person gets hurt. 
I, like so many women dream a beautiful bliss with another man. Bliss will be beat if you refuse to address your young life. Spend time preparing your heart and soul for healing. In these process alone can you grow into a worthy woman (strong in character, to be the crown of any man). So many men are tired of trying to make it work. I can tell you that every man has been created to be the covering of a woman and if you have not learned how to be that covering, all you are is a roaming being seeking for direction, constantly dragging innocent girls with you into your hole of destruction. How then can you possibly lead a woman, or even a family in the right direction? Find your growing mojo now, so that you won't look too hard before finding a deserving woman to walk with you in this world.

There are lucky men and women who have had it good, these does not apply to you. My message is directed to the young broken hearted in my generation. Who at some point had to learn life lessons the hard hurtful way. You are not alone and you have a shot everyday to heal. Visit your hurtful roots and be free. Receive right instructions, be better; choose to grow up now, and we will not have to counsel so much on relationships (lol). Counsel is good definitely. Let me also stress that age is not maturity, neither is it wisdom. Our experiences only teach us not to fall on the same spot, but if we take a good look around, we will see the diversity in our world and half of it our minds cannot master. Divine wisdom comes from one source; it comes from God.

Live, Love, Laugh


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