Most of the followers of this blog would know by now the intensity of my direct, blunt, straight to the point write ups. I also like to remind people that I am not one of those who point the faults and do not suggest a probable solution to challenges. Believe me when I say I experience almost everything I put on this blog. It is my way of reaching to your hearts with mine.
 As much as I am a woman, I like to keep the balance between the genders, pointing out moderately and admonishing correctly.

Faith, a beautiful woman who has everything going on for her; career, service in the church and community, wonderful team player both at home and at work. She's a virgin, but when she meets Kola who promises marriage, she gives it away to him anyway. What's the big deal? One fateful day, Faith visits Kola's office only to find him right on it with another woman. Faith is heart broken, she wonders where she had been wrong, if she had not been serving Mr. Kola right. She puts all of this blame on herself. She tries to look even sexier but refuses to let go of Kola. Kola of course pleads for forgiveness but his acts remains the same. Meanwhile Faith's guilt is eating her so deeply she can't function as much anymore. She begins to lose focus and starts tons of prayers for Kola while he's busy drifting into his wayward lifestyle. 

Take a pause; how many Faiths and Kolas do I know pretending with surfaced smiles everyday? In my mind I'm thinking; is Faith ok? You're praying for him, how about you, who committed the act with him, how about the fact that you're still giving your body to him without doing the right thing by getting married? 

Let me first address the women. Many females have become objects of pleasure to men who are weak in self control. You sit there blaming yourself for someone else's responsibility. We allow ourselves be lured into the lowest of standards forgetting that we will have to bear the burden eventually. If only Faith knew that Kola had no self control, she would have understood not to give herself away so easily. I'm in a world where there are limited virgins, hence will skip right to my point. So, what if you're not a virgin anymore, must you become his booty call? Do you have to satisfy him because you don't want to lose him? The worst part is you becoming the new topic of discussion among his colleagues. Many kissing and telling things going on. The chances of keeping it together in marriage is very slim. It's the reason so many married men cannot remain married. Being chaste is a challenge in our world. Women walk with their heads bowed to the ground, their dignity marred, their worth reduced. Some women do not believe that a man can love them without sex, because their minds have been trained to believe so. If you have dated ten men and not one of them could tell you no premarital sex(as a born again Christian) then something is seriously wrong with the born again issue. It is time for a reality check. You're either saved or you're not.

The men; I applaud you for your strength which some of you choose to use unwisely. You want to eat hot soup that will eventually burn your mouth. All I see is a world of many men with good careers, strong in demeanor but very weak sexually. Some men cannot categorically tell that they will not cheat on their wives. You know the answer within, so let's cut out the pretense. Yes, it's a man's world, but every man will be judged accordingly. You think the only way to prove to a woman that you love her is by sexually violating your body and hers in the name of love? Something is missing, because the last time I checked the same Bible we read, it says that we sin against ourselves when we commit fornication. I am not preaching but telling it as it is. The church is a bunch of unsaved people claiming to be saved. I thought old things pass away indeed. It happened for Paul the persecutor; So come on out and be saved indeed! So many men get into marriage with the wrong mindset, all you ever cared about was her looks. So, by the time she bears two children for you, you're onto a sister in church or at work. You quickly forget to give your wife compliments that you easily would when you both were hotly in love, but you flirt so easily with other good looking women. You walk away selfishly when she needs you the most. Many men choose to have sex but are afraid of the responsibility of fathering a child. How dare you suggest abortion to that woman whom you made love to in your right senses? Then, when your future approaches with consequences you run back to God. Why not fix it now?

If we are born again, let it not be our tongue alone, but our genitals. I have come to realize that God's standard remains the same regardless of Grace. We cut ourselves off so easily by asserting that we're weak when we should take responsibility by training our bodies to become God's temple. For someone like me, when I'm in no relationship whatsoever, I am in my best behavior and sometimes I choose to keep it that way if that will keep me chaste before my Father in Heaven. Many men are so quick to kiss, touch, losing their firmness all in the name of attraction, affection and love. I honestly just call it lust. No matter how much you love a woman, learn to keep your hands in your pocket if you intend to keep a home. Am I being direct, or am I being direct? 
Women are weak and in fact sensitive to touch, so why touch her? Women are taken over by sweet words, so why deceive her because you really just need to satisfy your evil urge? Women don't even try to expose your breasts and thighs to him because he is visual. He plays it in his head like a movie. You're giving him free porn simple. Then you wonder why he pounces on you...Come on! We aren't virgins, so why create situations that would make you both end up in your panties? I just laugh at our foolishness and I'm sure God does...

I will clearly state: Proverbs 4:14-16 
"Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.
15 Avoid it, do not go on it; turn from it and pass on.
16 For they cannot sleep unless they have caused trouble or vexation; their sleep is taken away unless they have caused someone to fall."
We can't possibly pretend that everyone that comes into our lives has been sent of God. It is our responsibility to avoid those that are out to stain our garments. Those that intend to pull down the Glory of God in our lives. Either you're single or married, these words apply to every true believer of the Gospel of Christ. If we're chaste indeed, we have solved half of our spiritual challenges. Men, stop draining your strength by joining your bodies with women that you're not married to. Think about the spiritual consequences and likewise women, please do not be deceived, if he cannot wait, then tell him goodbye. It is time to take a stand for Jesus. I say this only because it is possible. You can ask me and I will tell you. Let us Rock Christ indeed not with our tongues alone, but sexually and in deed!

So answer me: What should Faith do?

Live, Love, Laugh


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