The very nature of man is one that has my mind on an endless race of curiosity. Is it not true that man must feel some tangibility with his frail life to have the peace he hasn’t mastered. You tell a man about a God, and two things quickly run through his mind. First, he wants the security of tangibility of life, such that after having to die, he just might continually live. The other is to tell himself there is nothing as living your life based on destiny, and giving the entirety of it to an unseen person or object; so he blatantly objects, and becomes his own god.
The loathing truth is no one knows. Imagine if the mind were empty; without knowledge, without religion, laws, and the necessity of death. What then?

Nowadays, what I see happening is nothing short of living the end. Take for instance; a man and his wife marry each other claiming so much love; but animals are fast replacing children, this is no other reason than the convenience of having to go separate ways when things go upside down through the decade. Vows aren’t permanent anymore. We walk away just as easy as we walk in.

Going back to the tangibility of a man. The nature of man is such that; there is a well of endless emotion within. Its only satisfaction is the peace in the trueness of Love. Some were trained to find satisfaction in winning, some in money, some in religion, and some in so much pride and hatred; if these were enough, then why is the world still in constant chaos? The order of the present world can be understood by the wisdom of a steady spirit. In this steadiness, rests the abiding peace of true tangibility.

Every man and woman like me, live day in and out, chasing to live a life that must soon become plasma. Either you have a God or not, you must have some faith in living. Those who do not, end their lives through the misery of living. If you’re alive and reading this, then you’re in search for some answers that are sometimes hidden in the spirit of words like this. You must enjoy chasing the depth of life while you can; sometimes it is never in the visible, but it is an obvious clue to the invisible.
Tangibility doesn’t usually lie in the visibility of a smile; but, think about all the emotions unseen, formed within, to create something as visible as a simple smile.
Your importance, esteem and tangibility fails, if after the collision of time and existence, you feel the emptiness of peace instead of its fullness.

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. " the wisdom of a steady spirit...".
    ...instructive as always.


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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