Standing in the heart's universe
Attesting the aura of its diverse

With Heaven's eye pouring tears blood-red
Dashing axes and rods, hungry for a  shed

My old soul burdened, away burdening
In heart, judge the acts, truthfully judging
Many wonders of seeing differently

Why must I loathe this very humanity?
The flesh that nests my own living?

Perfection isn't so far from the heart
I want constantly to live out its art
Oh! Was I given away in the lost

I am in the heart of the universe
I am but man, in frailty, loving painfully

I am that change I long for inward
My eternal bow rains an arc within its lurk

You see the quake of ages evolving
I see an invisible crack in the wall of ages
If we really see the universe but are blind to the truth
I must stand fast for the knocks of tomorrow

Live, Laugh, Love


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