I must say I went, I saw and....uhm..did I or have I really conquered? Accept my tone of expression as I might be digging a little deeper into the self. My long silence hasn't been because I have no time to write. As some of you know that, writing comes to me like a dream captivates its seer. I have been drawn to the many ideologies of the humanity of my vain self. However, many of us fall into my very same boat. One minute you know, and the next you don't, one second you're the saint, and the next, you're the devil himself. The tides of this life are incomprehensible for my faculty of thoughts.

I sat down deliberating the future of my Country, and I outrightly told my parents how their generation had failed by not fighting for a tomorrow for their children. I'd watched many people tongue lash leaders, and done absolutely nothing about it, but talk. Then, I began to reason how much power there is in the tongue of words, but the possibility of death in one little action. I, then said, people are really scared to die. We are willing to live vain lives, being continually oppressed and not contributing much, but we are afraid to exit the earth. Death does come to all, I am yet to see the richest man buy for himself immortality, I am yet to see another Einstein create a science to make him live a lifetime over. 
There are people with hearts that encourage me. These are the ones that live for the next, the ones that understand the importance of continuity. These ones choose to live for others, and by that understand the limitation of humanity, but still stand up for a future. If you're a today, and I am a tomorrow, and the baby that is born today is the future, what is the standard of living?

Recently, I also began to think about the feebleness of religions, of culture and the sense of the human mind controlling its atmospheric well being. The breath that I breathe is the only wall between earth and an afterlife. And to think that this very same life is subject to many options intrigues me. The Holy book teaches me well enough to know that there are powers in control, that I also have some control and my environment has its control. My point is, if I quite follow every line carefully, I might live the average life. Boring, boring, boring, Yes boring!

Patterns are not quite my fancy. I'm one of the crazies ready to break rules to fight for good causes maybe. I am the one who likes to describe herself as a wind, and that comes from the Spirit. You don't see Him, yet you feel His impact. I do not want to be like those who quickly came and were quickly forgotten, or those who came but only lived for themselves. I made up my mind a long time ago to do the things I enjoy doing for the sake of others. It is one of the lessons I've learned here on earth.

I can't change the world, but I can change mine. If I had many I's like mine, then we would be living indeed, not just occupying space. I know many girls who are being trained to go to school but might only end up living their dreams in a bathroom, or enslaving themselves to bad relationships. Maybe culture and religion told many their only option as women is to stay married. I also know many young boys who attend school, but will only end up putting their efforts into another's business. See, they could be changing the world by being their own bosses. There are many emphasis on unmarried women and maybe men well over the age of thirty-five simply because of the cultural norms, forgetting how fast marriages are headed for brutal divorce nowadays, as the true meaning of marriage isn't being taught anymore. Well, gentleman and lady, who says you have to be married to change your world? My thing is, if you're going to be married, stay happy, and use your marriage force to change your world. Teach young ones what it means to be married, change your world! It is not in the hypocritical way of showing off each other and deep down you don't know each other. 

It would be a shame to have visited this world, this one lifetime, and no one remembered that I lived and touched a life by just living. Living is not having a PhD or proving your genius abilities. Living is not being a CEO and having chains of companies or proving my religious rights and knowledge. Living is that my life raised a dead soul, my life gave another hope to continue. These and many more I aspire to be. I hope you're with me?

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. This is Kemi Kayode i knew few years ago! Welcome back.

  2. Exceptional and thought provoking. A true challenge. ...

    - Pastor K

  3. Brilliant, i ditto every line on this noble piece. Yes, the true essence of living is to serve humanity in selflessness. This brings fulfillment and closure with the soul. The number of problems we solve determine the height of our 'success' now i want to call it the 'extent of our joy and accomplishment'. Good job.

  4. The "Faculty of thoughts" has indeed wowed me, at least from all the comments and messages so far, I'm indeed encouraged to continually breathe the words pressed on my Spirit. Thank you all for sharing Kaylove's perspectives...Bless!

  5. Nice one, Kemi.
    Quite Deep.
    If right now a little one will ask me what is the most important thing in life ?

    I'll say - 'Do good and be Happy'.

    You'll never understand all things neither will you ever have everything


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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