Drums roll, on the bed of royalty I roll,
my heart waves to the bata of your heartbeat
Birds nest, on your chest I rest
carving our shelter upon life's long music

You are my sacred bata
The one upon which my heart's waist roll
The percussion of my very passion
Upon which I solely long to grow

Beat with rage now my heart bata!
Beat till every breath becomes a noble count

Embrace me with the motherly arms
shower me with love like an innocent infant

Beat sweetly as we lay side by side
Beat oh bata! until minds submit to heart's Spirit

I am your passion, You're my bata
Without you and me, there's no heart bata
I ❤ you my valentine!

*The bata is a drum*

Live, Love, Laugh

Dedicated to every heart on valentine's and beyond!!!


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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