Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I seemingly travail, Oh! do I travail within ancient promises
My soul tiredly drives a loud bang at Heaven's door
Clack! Clack! Do you hear?
My hands are now weary, eyes worn out with tears
Chasing with the minutest of hope that you will show me
Show me the face of you, the embrace I find in your word
It's been a minute; but, it's been too long I held you
Well of words hold me, but my feelings are now dead

Arouse my heart's soul to find solace in your aura
I long for these tears to meet face on with your praise
Satisfy wholly these nudging appetite of burning desires
Help my helplessness, courage my heart with your presence

Heavily laden with burden still, drained in my heart's echo
A serenading shout to the ears of Heaven's supremacy
Boom! Boom! Do you feel?
My voice now faint, my heart beats to the rhythm still
Lurking for freedom through the highway of Sheol
Crawling with hope into an unknown paradise

The shout of travail do I hear within my bowels thick
My soul pants in groaning words of meditation
When will my salvation come? I eagerly ask

Tis the time when finally; travail meets victory
Tis the time when Heavenly bodies lift up with me
Shouting the shout of acclamation
Roaring with cymbals and harps
Let the laboring woman now rest in the face of her new born
Let the hopeless begin to count the many entrances of hope
Alas! Alas! My travail has met with victory!

Live, Love, Laugh

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I write with much anticipation that I will someday become a Mrs to some Mr. I confidently know that touching on the relationship core is quite an interesting whisk for most people. I must also admit, that it is the most important part of my life. You know being a woman and letting that right man find me; or let's say being the Ruth and allowing my Boaz find me. I so love love-stories, but if you stay with me, you'll find the heart beneath this.
Just a couple of things for my readers this season. If for instance, you're doing the waiting and praying; not the talking and dating, then this might find solace with you. For the best of us doing the talking and dating; being there, done that. I will just tell you now, please don't waste your time! I know that we're all so different and God deals with us according to our heart and faith; but I found that: we surrender an aspect of our lives to Him and control the rest. I finally figured out that relationships and marriage-relations are institutions that might need an extra hand.
Many of my peers are now approaching that milestone, so here's a little tip for all my friends around the world, even if you're already married, you can readily tweak something by surrendering totally and not trying to be in control of the outcome of your relationship/marriage. 
Marriage itself is purposeful. It is bliss when it finds two individual purposeful beings, who will powerfully merge their core everything to become one, to advance glorification and God's intent. Counseling is good, but all it will take to advance marriage has been deposited within us by God. All we do is unfold it like an onion in its ring. However, you must pay attention to how and where the Spirit leads you for destiny purposes. Think about God as a potter who makes all these pots of clay, some are alike, some are duplicates, and some are different brands. If He then is the potter, He must readily know the perfect fit for each of His vessels. Selah
You know I'm typing this and I'm smiling at how much I've grown. The most beautiful part of Love is having a heart wide enough to watch others grow up. By growing up, I mean, giving them the chance of falling flat faced to the ground and being able to allow them get back up again to redeem themselves. That's the beauty of Love and my God. It is the most powerful virtue.
So, how many people are in marriages or in long courtships trying to figure out and understand their partners? I fear that you might fail many times at that attempt. On a lighter note, that person is a ball of world that would never fit into your brain, so why bother?
I have found that the best way to be a partner is by working so hard for all of your entirety to become a "Home" for them. Your home is that special place with many rooms; every room with its function. You take time to tidy up those rooms, and when you don't, it becomes a junkyard not ready to receive you or anyone at all. Many of us are too busy frolicking after the wrong things, calling them problems. If you're a woman and you're terribly bothered about how many women are hung on your handsome spouse, it is time to get those priorities right and vice versa for the men. What you might end up doing is to naggingly chase them away into the calling world; because you're too busy, you forget to make the home ready for them to come into. You will end up locking up the doors within your home subconsciously and only open the dirty untidy ones to your partner. 
Marriage is for serious protection, both for the man and the woman. If there's no security for both parties, there can't be trust. How then do you plan to continually keep the "Home" of your heart ready to receive your partner in marriage? I will say now, marriage is not for slackers, just like our walk with God is a serious race. We do slack once in a while, but that's why two are better than one. When one slacks, the other readily bears him up. Both partners must however be alert, constantly cleaning up, tidying up the homes of their heart to enjoy the bliss of marriage.
I will reiterate the importance of allowing to be led to that partner who will help you to destiny. When you choose, choose wisely! Some did it without the help of God, and later realize they need His help. While some sought His face and direction before hand and still continually lean on His help to glide through. Also, learn to see marriage through the eyes of He that created it. In whatever situation you find yourself, make sure you live the best of this life; married or unmarried, doing His will to the fullest, till there's no breath left in you.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A cry of freedom, a nation's cry
Tears of blood, a Nation's rise
A resolute trial from a slave's try
Thorn-ful sting, but a people's price

Unity sings, but the people disperse
In words we rule, but the actions forsaken
Death gnaws, the young labor one day more
Their hearts driven to provoking thistles

Tower of babel broken down by our feeble hands
War knocking in the place of religious ethics
Each one embracing his own dangling belief
Forgetting the morals of any true religion

The fear of death, but death surely comes
Patriots in goodness have all sufficed
Everyone spreading a bloody seed
Legendary happenings will surely exit

A cry to all our leaders in place
Time is a necessary virtue
Temporarily constant at all times
Preparing the seat only for the next

A change inevitable, but we cry!
Only for a soothing change, our hearts yearn
The nation adding suitable years to itself
Must also add its dreams palatable.

My home is my home!

Happy Independence NIGERIA!

Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Most of the followers of this blog would know by now the intensity of my direct, blunt, straight to the point write ups. I also like to remind people that I am not one of those who point the faults and do not suggest a probable solution to challenges. Believe me when I say I experience almost everything I put on this blog. It is my way of reaching to your hearts with mine.
 As much as I am a woman, I like to keep the balance between the genders, pointing out moderately and admonishing correctly.

Faith, a beautiful woman who has everything going on for her; career, service in the church and community, wonderful team player both at home and at work. She's a virgin, but when she meets Kola who promises marriage, she gives it away to him anyway. What's the big deal? One fateful day, Faith visits Kola's office only to find him right on it with another woman. Faith is heart broken, she wonders where she had been wrong, if she had not been serving Mr. Kola right. She puts all of this blame on herself. She tries to look even sexier but refuses to let go of Kola. Kola of course pleads for forgiveness but his acts remains the same. Meanwhile Faith's guilt is eating her so deeply she can't function as much anymore. She begins to lose focus and starts tons of prayers for Kola while he's busy drifting into his wayward lifestyle. 

Take a pause; how many Faiths and Kolas do I know pretending with surfaced smiles everyday? In my mind I'm thinking; is Faith ok? You're praying for him, how about you, who committed the act with him, how about the fact that you're still giving your body to him without doing the right thing by getting married? 

Let me first address the women. Many females have become objects of pleasure to men who are weak in self control. You sit there blaming yourself for someone else's responsibility. We allow ourselves be lured into the lowest of standards forgetting that we will have to bear the burden eventually. If only Faith knew that Kola had no self control, she would have understood not to give herself away so easily. I'm in a world where there are limited virgins, hence will skip right to my point. So, what if you're not a virgin anymore, must you become his booty call? Do you have to satisfy him because you don't want to lose him? The worst part is you becoming the new topic of discussion among his colleagues. Many kissing and telling things going on. The chances of keeping it together in marriage is very slim. It's the reason so many married men cannot remain married. Being chaste is a challenge in our world. Women walk with their heads bowed to the ground, their dignity marred, their worth reduced. Some women do not believe that a man can love them without sex, because their minds have been trained to believe so. If you have dated ten men and not one of them could tell you no premarital sex(as a born again Christian) then something is seriously wrong with the born again issue. It is time for a reality check. You're either saved or you're not.

The men; I applaud you for your strength which some of you choose to use unwisely. You want to eat hot soup that will eventually burn your mouth. All I see is a world of many men with good careers, strong in demeanor but very weak sexually. Some men cannot categorically tell that they will not cheat on their wives. You know the answer within, so let's cut out the pretense. Yes, it's a man's world, but every man will be judged accordingly. You think the only way to prove to a woman that you love her is by sexually violating your body and hers in the name of love? Something is missing, because the last time I checked the same Bible we read, it says that we sin against ourselves when we commit fornication. I am not preaching but telling it as it is. The church is a bunch of unsaved people claiming to be saved. I thought old things pass away indeed. It happened for Paul the persecutor; So come on out and be saved indeed! So many men get into marriage with the wrong mindset, all you ever cared about was her looks. So, by the time she bears two children for you, you're onto a sister in church or at work. You quickly forget to give your wife compliments that you easily would when you both were hotly in love, but you flirt so easily with other good looking women. You walk away selfishly when she needs you the most. Many men choose to have sex but are afraid of the responsibility of fathering a child. How dare you suggest abortion to that woman whom you made love to in your right senses? Then, when your future approaches with consequences you run back to God. Why not fix it now?

If we are born again, let it not be our tongue alone, but our genitals. I have come to realize that God's standard remains the same regardless of Grace. We cut ourselves off so easily by asserting that we're weak when we should take responsibility by training our bodies to become God's temple. For someone like me, when I'm in no relationship whatsoever, I am in my best behavior and sometimes I choose to keep it that way if that will keep me chaste before my Father in Heaven. Many men are so quick to kiss, touch, losing their firmness all in the name of attraction, affection and love. I honestly just call it lust. No matter how much you love a woman, learn to keep your hands in your pocket if you intend to keep a home. Am I being direct, or am I being direct? 
Women are weak and in fact sensitive to touch, so why touch her? Women are taken over by sweet words, so why deceive her because you really just need to satisfy your evil urge? Women don't even try to expose your breasts and thighs to him because he is visual. He plays it in his head like a movie. You're giving him free porn simple. Then you wonder why he pounces on you...Come on! We aren't virgins, so why create situations that would make you both end up in your panties? I just laugh at our foolishness and I'm sure God does...

I will clearly state: Proverbs 4:14-16 
"Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.
15 Avoid it, do not go on it; turn from it and pass on.
16 For they cannot sleep unless they have caused trouble or vexation; their sleep is taken away unless they have caused someone to fall."
We can't possibly pretend that everyone that comes into our lives has been sent of God. It is our responsibility to avoid those that are out to stain our garments. Those that intend to pull down the Glory of God in our lives. Either you're single or married, these words apply to every true believer of the Gospel of Christ. If we're chaste indeed, we have solved half of our spiritual challenges. Men, stop draining your strength by joining your bodies with women that you're not married to. Think about the spiritual consequences and likewise women, please do not be deceived, if he cannot wait, then tell him goodbye. It is time to take a stand for Jesus. I say this only because it is possible. You can ask me and I will tell you. Let us Rock Christ indeed not with our tongues alone, but sexually and in deed!

So answer me: What should Faith do?

Live, Love, Laugh

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello to the beautiful minds that stop by this page every time to read my heart. Some of these things I write, I somewhere within hope and pray that it finds the hearts of even the younger generations for direction in a dark complicated world, where fathers fail to be fathers and have stopped receiving instructions from the correct source to teach their sons. A world where mothers now feel the need to become fathers, teaching their daughters only to be men. A world where there is misplacement of priorities, teaching every young child only to look to their peers for answers on how to navigate this world. Yes, those ones do my heart reach out to. Yes, my heart only prays to see my Manny stand up for the truth of Love in his heart, no matter who was there to train him. That he receives the right instructions to guide his feet into life.

I know every home has a story of it own. Mine is nothing short of every thriving woman's story in my life. These women are strong it hurts. Yes, I am strong it hurts, because I can only look back and realize that I was trained by a culture that pushes me to strength. I was trained by being first place in the family, which only pressured me to want to lay good examples. So, while so many boys sat there watching soccer, thinking it's a man's world, gradually losing the strength of being a son, looking to the girls to do every chore in the home; some of us girls learned how to be first place only. Some of these boys have been failed by fathers, who were probably too busy to give honorable instructions to their boys. Also being failed to see a woman honored, such that they would learn to honor the women in their world. No wonder the book of Proverbs stresses so much on instruction. Instructions guide the feet of a man to wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom in turn guides a man to mature understanding. An understanding that teaches one to walk with another together in friendship, relationship and marriage.
We now have a chaotic world of beings looking for the right relationship to mend their brokenness. The man blames the woman, the woman blames the man. Truth is; the foundation on which many  boys and girls were nurtured has its miniature. This is not directed to boost religion or culture. This is just me being an observer in my world right now. This is me suggesting the solutions to minds that are ready to heal for a beautiful future, and if indeed marriages were models, then those before us will teach their young sons to see visions and their young daughters to prophecy.

Little wonder why so many grown men and women (in age) are emotional wrecks, bestowing wrecks on the souls of others that come their way. The newest style is dating, dating and more dating. Imagine how the population of broken hearted beings are doubling in the world of dating. Culture unfortunately doesn't heal the half-baked emotions left for us to take into the institution of marriage, hence, more divorces. How can a woman who had been brutally abused remember how to trust a man? How can a man love a woman who in turn chooses infidelity, how can he learn to ever trust a woman? Yet these two kinds go into these dating relationships which might lead into marriage; seeking to be healed by another who had no idea of the hurt they'd been through.

In fact, let me shock you about how the hurt of a mistreated childhood can throw a supposedly blissful life off tangent. So many of us, need to visit that spot where our sweet childhood turned into a sour fast paced one. Every child reserves the right to grow up well, ready to face the world. So many boys and girls never grew up to become men and women. How then do you expect a boy and a girl to walk together in a marriage institution modeled only for mature (grown up to be men and women) minds. It will not work if a boy marries a woman and if a man marries a girl. One will definitely get hurt. Guess who will? The man not the boy, the woman not the girl. We all know what we would do back in elementary school when we had special friends who would hurt us, and so quickly, we would move on to the next available special friend. I assertively do not speak of age. The boy and girl ‘syndrome’ applies to every age bracket. Boys and girls (not in age) pay no attention to their wounds because realistically daddy and mommy would tend to that wound. My question is; where are our daddies and mommies to perceive and observe that we're wounded constantly? Our wounds must be nurtured to healing. It is even worse where soul ties (sex) take place in these relationships. So many breakups have it seriously bad these days.

If my words find sense in your soul, then you will take time to evaluate your life at this point. Oh! Trust me, much of that I had been doing in the last three months. I thought I was ready, so ready to bliss again, and there came all the dirt from my hurtful childhood that I had to fix, an encroaching abusive past that eats trust out of my heart. No man deserves to live with all that baggage right. If you're the man, the woman you choose does not deserve to live with your hurtful unhealed past. That soul deserves healing, a healing that hurts, but will surely come. It is not too late to take time in or out of that relationship to work out the foundation of your life before another innocent person gets hurt. 
I, like so many women dream a beautiful bliss with another man. Bliss will be beat if you refuse to address your young life. Spend time preparing your heart and soul for healing. In these process alone can you grow into a worthy woman (strong in character, to be the crown of any man). So many men are tired of trying to make it work. I can tell you that every man has been created to be the covering of a woman and if you have not learned how to be that covering, all you are is a roaming being seeking for direction, constantly dragging innocent girls with you into your hole of destruction. How then can you possibly lead a woman, or even a family in the right direction? Find your growing mojo now, so that you won't look too hard before finding a deserving woman to walk with you in this world.

There are lucky men and women who have had it good, these does not apply to you. My message is directed to the young broken hearted in my generation. Who at some point had to learn life lessons the hard hurtful way. You are not alone and you have a shot everyday to heal. Visit your hurtful roots and be free. Receive right instructions, be better; choose to grow up now, and we will not have to counsel so much on relationships (lol). Counsel is good definitely. Let me also stress that age is not maturity, neither is it wisdom. Our experiences only teach us not to fall on the same spot, but if we take a good look around, we will see the diversity in our world and half of it our minds cannot master. Divine wisdom comes from one source; it comes from God.

Live, Love, Laugh

Sunday, June 23, 2013


The very nature of man is one that has my mind on an endless race of curiosity. Is it not true that man must feel some tangibility with his frail life to have the peace he hasn’t mastered. You tell a man about a God, and two things quickly run through his mind. First, he wants the security of tangibility of life, such that after having to die, he just might continually live. The other is to tell himself there is nothing as living your life based on destiny, and giving the entirety of it to an unseen person or object; so he blatantly objects, and becomes his own god.
The loathing truth is no one knows. Imagine if the mind were empty; without knowledge, without religion, laws, and the necessity of death. What then?

Nowadays, what I see happening is nothing short of living the end. Take for instance; a man and his wife marry each other claiming so much love; but animals are fast replacing children, this is no other reason than the convenience of having to go separate ways when things go upside down through the decade. Vows aren’t permanent anymore. We walk away just as easy as we walk in.

Going back to the tangibility of a man. The nature of man is such that; there is a well of endless emotion within. Its only satisfaction is the peace in the trueness of Love. Some were trained to find satisfaction in winning, some in money, some in religion, and some in so much pride and hatred; if these were enough, then why is the world still in constant chaos? The order of the present world can be understood by the wisdom of a steady spirit. In this steadiness, rests the abiding peace of true tangibility.

Every man and woman like me, live day in and out, chasing to live a life that must soon become plasma. Either you have a God or not, you must have some faith in living. Those who do not, end their lives through the misery of living. If you’re alive and reading this, then you’re in search for some answers that are sometimes hidden in the spirit of words like this. You must enjoy chasing the depth of life while you can; sometimes it is never in the visible, but it is an obvious clue to the invisible.
Tangibility doesn’t usually lie in the visibility of a smile; but, think about all the emotions unseen, formed within, to create something as visible as a simple smile.
Your importance, esteem and tangibility fails, if after the collision of time and existence, you feel the emptiness of peace instead of its fullness.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Charmers, crawlers, lookers,
Rogues, thugs, boys,
Mouth, money, bed,

All peruse in dimensions 
All knock on same door

Writers, scholars, burglars,
Stealers, stylers, stoppers,
Lovers, lusters, profilers

All have pieces of it
All desire it still

How then am I still whole in forever?
I am like the imperfection of the rainbow
Many seeming shades, without a steady end

Why my heart remains unworn in thorns
Believe me now, this heart wears tears
Somehow, it finds another state of matter

I am here now, found, alive, living
Tomorrow I know not, so I pen
I am a world of all to him

Love, heart, life,
Friend, kiss, hand,
Walk, live, laugh,

Take me, deep, this is me
Steadier to stead, lighter to light

Live, Love, Laugh

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Arise! sleeping strays, wake up to the cry of truth
Signs gradually possess the heart of mankind
Life seem like a nearing mirage of wars
Creating order in the midst of chaos
Many souls searching for life's many pride
Some, strong and daring; sell their very souls
They want you to heed to their cry of warning
You refuse to see through the eyes of the bearer

Fame, the game of the lofty, the price of evil
Money, wealth's redemption, the path of toil
The poor in their rage, reach for the sky
The rich; gullible, repressing their soul
Both blinded by the evitation of stance
The rich are poor, the poor are rich
How long before you stand and see?
How long till we weep bloody tears?

Do not say I am weak! Dare not say I am frail!
This is the pulsing climax of every soul
Loitering for a position of strength-hood
I have searched through highs of lows
If I have been lorded a soul to save
Where then is home in this world?
If you have one more breath to keep
Where is the solitary place for your soul?

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, May 10, 2013


When I slept, I was between dreams. I walked on in the splendor of a seemingly beautiful facade of reality. I got to the middle of it, made a stop. Then, came the medieval point of choice. Stay, move, remain, dream on. The voice of cheer in the partition of oblivion, kept my feet-of-drag at pace. I opt to gaze stealthily around my wonder. There you were just like me. You had me wondering, how long had we been navigates to perception, maybe obstruction? How long do we wander on in reverie?

The young mind; fearless and non hesitant. Mostly metamorphosed by the circle of existence, and like dreams, are involuntarily indulged in the happenings of the mind. 
We exist, and we know not why until we're either told, or perhaps choose to exist. The wonders of the world and why I'm here, bewilders my explicable mind. All my days spent in the rigidity of one path. This one path I know leads 'there.' The place of flawless myth, wherein I'm entangled like a suckling infant to its mother. The place that awes my filth, a face of gold, a place beyond lumina.
I oft wonder away in curiosity, but when I do, what then happens?
If you are somewhere just like my very self, then we are on this highroad to rescue. We're together like flocks adored of one shepherd, like flowers being tended by its gardener.
When my Manny walks up to me and says: "You are my mommy, mommy," and brings his cheeks closer for a morning kiss, then I also know I belong to someone more special. When I am treated like a daughter by my earthly father and mother, and corrected for my wrong; when my friend can be crossed at me, not scared to tell my wrong to me, then I know someone special understands deeper. I know I am living. I couldn't just be a pawn on this board. I am made with a ball of affection, most of which depicts humanity. My humanity wrapped around infallible love. 
I once met a woman, who had been stricken with a mild stroke. Flora was a beautiful human being, who had lived well. Told me stories about the love of her life and how they'd traveled the world together. To Flora, children didn't even make her. She just lived and called me her adopted daughter because I enjoyed taking care of her. She told me "Don't let life break you."
The world is at its peak, isn't it now. The simple things of life matter less until our days have been grossly maxed out. Then do we wander back, sitting in rocking chairs, looking back with our optical lenses at the road we once held hands and walked. Some have no hands to hold, maybe pride in being loners at the moment. Perhaps, busy trying to measure up with the days and nights, forgetting that the grays are only a step further. The run of helter-skelter booming aches around the heart. The world now says you are strong by yourself, teaching to build away from the wings of love. Whatever you do, wherever you be, you must stand to live in the midst of clenching thorns. 
I so want my world to be one friend away, far from the worldly taboos and cliches.The fairness of this world beckons, weighing heavily upon my heaps of dream. I must push my feet-of-drag away from 
these fallacious dreams. My path; not so far from its maker, I know to walk right back with clues when I'm stranded.

Live, Love, Laugh


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On a strolling walk, dance-fully pacing
Crickets secretly chirp, birds busy whistling
The golden sun on an endless soirée to set
The trees silently hang around spring’s nest

You, over the miles count the pace
I, on the edge close the space
With vigor, charms strike a chord
Heart receives strength from its weak accord

Echoes of whispers of ‘Wa wa ok’ reverberate
Through the lines of a warm evening’s climate
Smiles; they do alter without warning
Armies of dances surround me miming

This longing soirée sets to go to rest
Its gentle breeze around my chiming best
With hopes upon hopes I dearly pen
My words upon your beauty’s den.

Live, Love, Laugh

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Standing in the heart's universe
Attesting the aura of its diverse

With Heaven's eye pouring tears blood-red
Dashing axes and rods, hungry for a  shed

My old soul burdened, away burdening
In heart, judge the acts, truthfully judging
Many wonders of seeing differently

Why must I loathe this very humanity?
The flesh that nests my own living?

Perfection isn't so far from the heart
I want constantly to live out its art
Oh! Was I given away in the lost

I am in the heart of the universe
I am but man, in frailty, loving painfully

I am that change I long for inward
My eternal bow rains an arc within its lurk

You see the quake of ages evolving
I see an invisible crack in the wall of ages
If we really see the universe but are blind to the truth
I must stand fast for the knocks of tomorrow

Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Drums roll, on the bed of royalty I roll,
my heart waves to the bata of your heartbeat
Birds nest, on your chest I rest
carving our shelter upon life's long music

You are my sacred bata
The one upon which my heart's waist roll
The percussion of my very passion
Upon which I solely long to grow

Beat with rage now my heart bata!
Beat till every breath becomes a noble count

Embrace me with the motherly arms
shower me with love like an innocent infant

Beat sweetly as we lay side by side
Beat oh bata! until minds submit to heart's Spirit

I am your passion, You're my bata
Without you and me, there's no heart bata
I ❤ you my valentine!

*The bata is a drum*

Live, Love, Laugh

Dedicated to every heart on valentine's and beyond!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I must say I went, I saw and....uhm..did I or have I really conquered? Accept my tone of expression as I might be digging a little deeper into the self. My long silence hasn't been because I have no time to write. As some of you know that, writing comes to me like a dream captivates its seer. I have been drawn to the many ideologies of the humanity of my vain self. However, many of us fall into my very same boat. One minute you know, and the next you don't, one second you're the saint, and the next, you're the devil himself. The tides of this life are incomprehensible for my faculty of thoughts.

I sat down deliberating the future of my Country, and I outrightly told my parents how their generation had failed by not fighting for a tomorrow for their children. I'd watched many people tongue lash leaders, and done absolutely nothing about it, but talk. Then, I began to reason how much power there is in the tongue of words, but the possibility of death in one little action. I, then said, people are really scared to die. We are willing to live vain lives, being continually oppressed and not contributing much, but we are afraid to exit the earth. Death does come to all, I am yet to see the richest man buy for himself immortality, I am yet to see another Einstein create a science to make him live a lifetime over. 
There are people with hearts that encourage me. These are the ones that live for the next, the ones that understand the importance of continuity. These ones choose to live for others, and by that understand the limitation of humanity, but still stand up for a future. If you're a today, and I am a tomorrow, and the baby that is born today is the future, what is the standard of living?

Recently, I also began to think about the feebleness of religions, of culture and the sense of the human mind controlling its atmospheric well being. The breath that I breathe is the only wall between earth and an afterlife. And to think that this very same life is subject to many options intrigues me. The Holy book teaches me well enough to know that there are powers in control, that I also have some control and my environment has its control. My point is, if I quite follow every line carefully, I might live the average life. Boring, boring, boring, Yes boring!

Patterns are not quite my fancy. I'm one of the crazies ready to break rules to fight for good causes maybe. I am the one who likes to describe herself as a wind, and that comes from the Spirit. You don't see Him, yet you feel His impact. I do not want to be like those who quickly came and were quickly forgotten, or those who came but only lived for themselves. I made up my mind a long time ago to do the things I enjoy doing for the sake of others. It is one of the lessons I've learned here on earth.

I can't change the world, but I can change mine. If I had many I's like mine, then we would be living indeed, not just occupying space. I know many girls who are being trained to go to school but might only end up living their dreams in a bathroom, or enslaving themselves to bad relationships. Maybe culture and religion told many their only option as women is to stay married. I also know many young boys who attend school, but will only end up putting their efforts into another's business. See, they could be changing the world by being their own bosses. There are many emphasis on unmarried women and maybe men well over the age of thirty-five simply because of the cultural norms, forgetting how fast marriages are headed for brutal divorce nowadays, as the true meaning of marriage isn't being taught anymore. Well, gentleman and lady, who says you have to be married to change your world? My thing is, if you're going to be married, stay happy, and use your marriage force to change your world. Teach young ones what it means to be married, change your world! It is not in the hypocritical way of showing off each other and deep down you don't know each other. 

It would be a shame to have visited this world, this one lifetime, and no one remembered that I lived and touched a life by just living. Living is not having a PhD or proving your genius abilities. Living is not being a CEO and having chains of companies or proving my religious rights and knowledge. Living is that my life raised a dead soul, my life gave another hope to continue. These and many more I aspire to be. I hope you're with me?

Live, Love, Laugh