PERFECTION: 12-12-12.

Every dire piece wrapped up in another puzzle
The mind derailed, now left to battle the hustle
Every nickel of perfection buried in another's imagery
Every step birth another step, 
Every leap ventured in faith release the scenery of the next

The blink of the eye, however steadied, cannot see beyond the walls of now
And I, even I had treaded unknowingly the thin lines of imaginary moments
I stand as partition between the mirror of past and future
Capturing motion moments like fireflies
Wishing for nothing but words plastered on the boards of galaxies shadowing earth

The future of perfection stands observable with shrills of captivating myths
The circle of perfection of twelve upon twelve upon twelve completed
Right in the heart of it, living the numbers away
Waiting for the wind of courage to blow to the next cycle

My face lights up at the sound of the awakening 
My hand stretches further to the souls knitted to mine
My feet walks a step closer to the perfection of Love
My heart slowly beats one day nearer to the perfection of yonder.


Live, Love, Laugh


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