The sound of a 'Oh no' in the space of heart's know
You say it's I, I see the isle, still long on high
I intend to run, you and you on my heel's bow
The longevity of aches cringe my heart to sigh

Then I in tears sneak within hate's laugh
Caught up in tons of thorns with no turn
No soul to gear me out of it's ill laugh
My heart continually wallow in burn

Tis the right of time to feel, yet so gruesome
The very strength in me fizzle out to none
I stoop to walk on the horizon of awesome
My energy but faints, my heart is numb

Gratitude in times found its way to my lips
Unexpected is its satiable endearing aroma
Grateful for the dimensions of love's dips
I pray dearly my soul ceases from dilemma 

I will encourage everyone during this thankful season, to remain fighters. We're survivors of many circumstances of life, it will be sad for you to give up when the journey has only just begun. Be grateful for it, and peace will pervade thoughts. I speak Peace to all my readers....Bless.

Live, Love, Laugh


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