Caught up in this space of immersion
Breaths, colors, the beauty of descent
Been kicking against goads of coercion
Orientations, depths and passing present

I am born into this world, a girl child
My mind, volcanic with words in innocence
With every dreaming-dejavu, so mild
Taunting my leaps into fairing existence

Thus, recently observing the world's knowledge
Whether it be living reality or fatality, my guess
Many before carefully built boxes of niche with edge
Many more will stress their thoughts to press

Man holds his prestige, being religiously accurate
So lost in deeming himself preferably to another
I and my words watch like a starring associate
Unravelling the secrets of stones together.

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. when colors n shapes of a rainbow eludes certainty it turns to be a sky of wonders to the beholders, wishing the reality of your expression could be out of the box. Although i enjoyed d song, i think u have chosen to decorate this your content with puzzles; it was a beautiful jigsaw puzzle i enjoyed.....Thank u


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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