Manny and I, stood there grimacing at the mess he had wound up on the table. I'm sure he panicked if it was time for one of those spanks he got for doing wrong or not listening to mommy. I can bet you, he had no idea it was a mess. Little children are such Graceful beings, with innocence as pure light, makes you want to plant a kiss that's big enough to swallow their faces, and just hide them securely in your Love.
In a couple of seconds, I got my cleaning stuff. First I soaked the table with a wet cloth, as some of the mess had started to dry. It would take few minutes to soak, and then remove it. My little chap became more interested and asked for a piece of wipe to clean as well. We cleaned joyfully together and soon enough the mess became wellness, and in fact looked like there was never a mess.

I have come to love and obey the Spirits that enshroud penning. It's like a sweet raving wind that blows the heart with a tingling fragrance. I have chosen without choice to follow its sweet spirits in obeisance. I know not who I pen this to, but I know how much I have learned from these notes of mine.
Life's lesson, is that we are the results of choices made at different points in time. Some we're well satisfied with, some knock us off equilibrium.

Can I punch in that most of the uncomfortable situations and challenges make the most amazing stories. Most of the stories we now read from the past, were actual life challenges that these great legends experienced, and I'm sure most of them struggled with appreciating these challenges at the time. William Shakespeare said, "It is not in the Stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." That in itself could mean a billion and one things, but it shows how much our destiny is within our inner force to drive this route. The story we tell with our lives in this world must poise a lesson, somehow it must.

If you're caught up in a mess, be rest assured, God is always willing to help you with the clean-up process, like I did with Manny. It doesn't matter how many times you mess up, He fixes it and makes a story anyhow. I don't get tired of fixing my Manny's mess, so imagine the creator. Some of the processes will hurt you, sting you and bring you to your knees. Our emotions, especially tears, would be worked out, but understand that you do not yet see the outcome or the future of it. God sees the story it will tell and He works you through the clean-up process.

Many also, do not realize how much mess we're in, because we're too lost in our deception of object of truth. It will take constant evaluation of the inner self to be aware of your present state of mess, and if you allow God, He can show you where to begin. In all of these things, remember that tough times never last, they only do unique things to our destiny, and make us the greatest story tellers of Life.

Life is a story, be its author, Life is a playground, be its swing.

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. .. such a wonderful feeling to see Manny say sorry to Mummy. That mess, I did not see, because you hid it..
    It gave me a sense of reasoning of how much of my mess the Father has hidden and forgiven

  2. It's such joy to have you share in all of it...Bless


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Live, Love, Laugh
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