Happy you are my Jewel
Costly the pain was in your bowel
Joyfully you stuck it up
When you almost threw in the towel
To call it a day to end
There were those cheeks, chubby-ruddy
In deep dark scarlet
The hood of a woman, so deep
You held my face to the suck
Watched my infancy sprout

Beloved are you Oh! Mother
Secure I am in that heart precious
And when there's no tear left to shed
Your groan in prayer so harmonious
Rends Heavenly Blessings upon my being

Your beauty Oh! Mother, thy strength indeed
Like a teeth to the ferocious gum
So am I rooted to your loins
You've treaded carefully 
With arms open wide to all
Creating a path steady for the fruits of you
My heart bears your Love so hard
My mother's strength has become mine
I Love you Mom
Happy Mother's day...

Live, Love, Laugh


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