You know I sit here with eyes heavy and laden with sleep
Actually more of being embarrassed about the vulnerability of falling in depth
Bold and confident I was, even bolder with understanding I enter
My companion and best friend on a shouldered level
I gladly sing lyrics from the tablets of the heart
Your heart and Mine sync with dimensions unbeatable in delight of the Heaven-lies
Blessed I walk, Blessed I breathe, Blessed my name, because complete I finally am
Essence resides greatly in your abode, Mi amour
And life itself just found a beautiful meaning to it
Thoughts like this and even more awaits the morrow
And while you close the lids to rest
These verse sacred awaits the rising of your charm to behold it
Magical but living verses I thee pen to you
My dreams, Your Love has found my Love...
I Heart You.

Live, Love, Laugh



  1. real nd true words....from a true heart to d needing hearts.wot more can i say? Thank u 'snr' Kemi kay. I pray dat God fills u wit more of His wisdom. I kw we ain't seen nytin yet...cos ur best is on its way. Best wishes.

  2. Amen sweetie, your words are truly encouraging...Bless your heart!


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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