Come! and let us solemnly reason together
For potent power lies in the unity of One
The rescue of the potentially young
The wisdom of the virtually grey headed
The peace of our dwelling nations
Upon your dire wisdom depend

Come! inhabitants, Come! for the new birth still
Groan for the delivery of your tomorrow
My mind weak, but with yours stronger
The veil I pray be readily lifted
The shackles I long to remove like a warrior
A warrior of words in my woman strength
Fight not like one without reasoning
but as the bestowment of knowledge upon time
My thoughts on plate I wave
Your heart I hope to stir

Come! and to the rising of reasoning together
The future at your door knocks on Now!

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. wow that was a good poem

  2. My comment? u want my comment? hhhhmmm.... i admire everything about u, u r so adorable... aptly put ur writing is stunning phenomenon!
    pls respond to my mail. thx

    Houston, Texas

  3. Thank you both...I'm glad I can reach you where you are...


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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