Scribbled words, muffled tones
Empty many lies, the desire cones
Bed to rise, the bounty eve sets finer
So are the words of sweet Alaina

Worlds of decision on her shoulder rest
Purer and Clearer on her duty best
Her dove as serpent-wise must be
Thoughts of sweet Alaina shall be

Lost for the direction on sands of time
Parade of left-right for a piece of dime
Lost and unaware of the right of Light
Sweet Alaina weak in all her might

It is now morning and yet it is night
The pitch of black while tis very bright
Greatness of walls she must fade-watch
Absorb! sweet Alaina like delectable dutch

I, even I, and many like my sweet Alaina
Hysterically Yes! my neighbor Paulina
Silently long in this dear rhyming piece
To graze fervently the pasture of peace.

Live, Love, Laugh


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