Slave to divine words my life I submit
The master of it, I cling and also admit
In richness of words my sleep I commit
The solitude unseen engulfs with permit

Slave to the mind history, a must avoid
For the perils of pain, nothing but void
Broken shapes do mould within cuboid
Be glad for after all afar from paranoid

Free you see, free you think, captured essence
Flee! Futile inflicted knowledge of Life's sense
Nothing but defiled in your delightful sentience
Slave to sin, dangerously a death sentence

What under the cloud beholds your spirit?
For mind infinitely genius are held explicit
Escape thus lie within your heart of conduit
Free but captured, the slave chide in pursuit.

Live, Love, Laugh.


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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