Questions shallow but constantly burrow
Change I dread, but the adventure like arrow
Been long lost in the depth of my sorrow
Many fulfilling happiness I tried to borrow

My heart is dead still, shocked, unmoved
Blood streams of emotion long done removed
Painful and weary, my kindness all used
Accustomed to agony and heart confused

I'm down, deeply down and I ask
Why then do I struggle with this task?
The truth of  affection behind mask
Prints I see, like on a confetti damask

My innocence knew nothing, felt something
Sharper than a dagger, the thrust left haunting
Pure naivety misplaced in hands of beast hunting
I cry yonder for release of mind hurting

I'm lost, darkly lost and I secretly hope
That I be found by Grace to really cope
Light I crave to calmly walk this rope
And this pain erase and forever elope.

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. Dunno what effect ur writings would have on me, but quite interesting!. Atleast off my first read it was deep enough to look up and truly appreciate the light through darkness (The God in the message), but im wonderin, u wrote this right?. if so ur very gifted at least. And Amen to ur talent, and may God continue to use u through it.

  2. Yes,I wrote every one of them and all by the inspiration of God. I'm glad you could relate...Bless your heart


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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