Confused, diffused, mixed, so many are
You look me closely in the eye to ask
Answers I can, some I had to earn
Like the many proverbs of King Solomon
Some have read, digested and still wander
Little glimmer of light in hands, you're happy
By dawn it's out and it goes yonder to dim
Either by choice or not, you're forced to accept
One day in time, Flash! One minute, out of it

Who and Where's the Just?
Some clamor for justice
While some wallow otherwise
Peace somehow eludes the people
Only the Potter knows the Clay

The world however complete
I bump into you, and you into another
We're constantly after comforting answers
Manly Love, Power and Wealth
Life spent, searching after death
Eyes wide shut, many living dead
These are the lessons for the mortals

It takes a deeper and lengthy box
To contain the Rest of divinity
Where Eternity becomes reality
And Immortality transcends the physical.

Live, Love, Laugh


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