We are on this rocking romance
The cradle to adore by chance
Our love on perfection you'll paint
The story by the brush almost faint
I will soul sing, you will hear
Rhyme the lines, call you dear
You will heart write, I will dream
Reach the stars in Heavenly beam
Soulful are the words that bind
I to you, it's one of a kind
Pain to past, future here too real
Divine we are, the act to seal
The passion, you smile, I glance
Effect of warmth calmly balance
Your lips on mine, keys to kiss
Graphic design, dare not miss
Depth lies within the iris of eye
Light illumines the darkest of dye
Rainbow colors on promise offering
Colors gather to replace suffering.

This is dedicated to all the lovers out there
Appreciate the one you care about.
Give your love a fresh start and live the future
Send sentiments packing and remember Love is selfless.
Live, Love, Laugh



  1. Hi Kay, You are just too beautiful! had to stop by and say hello...wishing you all the best dear. One love Cheers!


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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