Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Confused, diffused, mixed, so many are
You look me closely in the eye to ask
Answers I can, some I had to earn
Like the many proverbs of King Solomon
Some have read, digested and still wander
Little glimmer of light in hands, you're happy
By dawn it's out and it goes yonder to dim
Either by choice or not, you're forced to accept
One day in time, Flash! One minute, out of it

Who and Where's the Just?
Some clamor for justice
While some wallow otherwise
Peace somehow eludes the people
Only the Potter knows the Clay

The world however complete
I bump into you, and you into another
We're constantly after comforting answers
Manly Love, Power and Wealth
Life spent, searching after death
Eyes wide shut, many living dead
These are the lessons for the mortals

It takes a deeper and lengthy box
To contain the Rest of divinity
Where Eternity becomes reality
And Immortality transcends the physical.

Live, Love, Laugh

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Questions shallow but constantly burrow
Change I dread, but the adventure like arrow
Been long lost in the depth of my sorrow
Many fulfilling happiness I tried to borrow

My heart is dead still, shocked, unmoved
Blood streams of emotion long done removed
Painful and weary, my kindness all used
Accustomed to agony and heart confused

I'm down, deeply down and I ask
Why then do I struggle with this task?
The truth of  affection behind mask
Prints I see, like on a confetti damask

My innocence knew nothing, felt something
Sharper than a dagger, the thrust left haunting
Pure naivety misplaced in hands of beast hunting
I cry yonder for release of mind hurting

I'm lost, darkly lost and I secretly hope
That I be found by Grace to really cope
Light I crave to calmly walk this rope
And this pain erase and forever elope.

Live, Love, Laugh

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We are on this rocking romance
The cradle to adore by chance
Our love on perfection you'll paint
The story by the brush almost faint
I will soul sing, you will hear
Rhyme the lines, call you dear
You will heart write, I will dream
Reach the stars in Heavenly beam
Soulful are the words that bind
I to you, it's one of a kind
Pain to past, future here too real
Divine we are, the act to seal
The passion, you smile, I glance
Effect of warmth calmly balance
Your lips on mine, keys to kiss
Graphic design, dare not miss
Depth lies within the iris of eye
Light illumines the darkest of dye
Rainbow colors on promise offering
Colors gather to replace suffering.

This is dedicated to all the lovers out there
Appreciate the one you care about.
Give your love a fresh start and live the future
Send sentiments packing and remember Love is selfless.
Live, Love, Laugh


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ole of love, that's what you are
I fight so weakly hard to keep far
Ole of love, the love steal
My breaths I count, rhythm to keep
Serenity of the alone are kept still
Thoughts pervade the temple of mind
The steal with style clamps the heart
In a romantic rage and out goes caution

Ole of love, in dreams I see
Bountiful realism I dearly need
Ole of love, my love's steal
Circling the earth, I gladly will
Till my bosom with peace's fill.

Inspiration comes not from the East nor West, but from the Origin and Maker of the poles and the world.
Live, Love, Laugh


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You disgust me, you disgust me
Your soul like a wounded lion groan
You indeed cry your lungs out to me
Your heart like a cruel panther moan

Have you beheld the Glory of the cloud?
As the stars gently settle on its beam
Flight too close to the sun makes you loud
Your voice so gets lost in its scream

Pray! Oh dear one, not to gaggle
At your tongue unbridled murdering
Many Angels try to fight your battle
But unawares, you've left them wandering

Who then is your Anointed prophet?
Is it the very me, or is it really you?
Would you listen if I had a trumpet?
Or have you in pride put me beneath you?

Let your testimony in esteem always be
In part I know, your part you'll play
Your neighbor, a prophet you might not see
Let demeanor with caution not come to decay.

“A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” Mark 6:4.
Your next door neighbor might be your angel..tread carefully.

Live, Love, Laugh