Is nature not one of the magical embodiments of creation?
Nature with a breath, exhales beauty in the medley of space
Nature of every wild beast, to be governed by man
Nature of the first man was, accurate worship and blessed authority
Nature of sinful man is unruly,
Nags consequently when purpose doesn't pan out his way
That nature groans to subdue the weak nature of man
Aspires and thinks highly of itself more than it ought to
The nature that chooses not to seek its creator
What then is the clay without the potter?
It is but a useless mold of sand without form
Nature of a renewed man birthed,
Learns to gradually rid the sinful nature
Religion, self righteousness, The goodness of heart
One could wish this will overshadow that nature
Nature of God is Divine,
It overrides the shadow of past and path
The depth of worship in the newness of nature
It is the grand reason for living.



  1. Its so lovely and nice

  2. Wow, that was an awesome poem. You could win a poetry slam with that one.

  3. you are so beautiful i,pray for you

  4. Truelly nature translate livity,This poem is full of meaning that I have to continue it in My mind,One love KAY.


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