Dreadful is the crawl of a patient wait
The outcome always seem however late
All and sundry, somehow wrestle in haste
Forgetting to tarry and suddenly run out of date

Reality is mimicked by the false of fake
Anticipating wishes almost imagining the taste
Tempted with terrible figments, you fall the bait
Accepting soothing lullabies of fear-ing tales

But even the birds in season, learn the wait
And with flourishing chirps, gather the hay
Polluting the throng with this musical fate
Genuinely lyrical, you'll want to compensate

Come! doubtful man and review your fate
Late however in the book isn't the gate
Let your heart merry for answers in faith
The wait never falters, it's wisdom for gain.



  1. Spontaneous in creativity cries his faith....
    Tremendous is d negativity which lies in wait....
    Fortunately, reality breaks forth from d recess of his soul....
    together wiv his maker, he'll emerge stronger, purer and whole!

    i luv poets....just felt i shud let u know


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