The run of Helter-skelter, I stutter
Where then is our solace and shelter
The cry of the future all lost together
Cutting short hopes of struggling mother

Disunity and discord display its wing
Even among finely nurtured still wanting
Smart minds are captured and slaving
Giving away to their frivolous raveling

Brace up your courage OH Land!
For as one we're rising in demand
Breaking barriers of self with purity of Hand
With One shot in Love, eradicate tyrannical band.



  1. Breathless. Pulsating. Deep. And insightful. Im already a fan!

  2. I'm blessed with Fans like you who love to read!

  3. 9ce 1 from you. Check my blog at wumibalogun.blogspot.com and follow as i follow u here. Tanx.

  4. Hi Kay Love..i stumbled on ur blog via fbk search and found most of ur lines of thought quite refreshing,..am inspired and you've just won a fan here in abuja, Nigeria!

  5. WoW! What more can I say, undermining times summed up in one phrase. Simply breathtaking!!! Am a Big fan.

  6. ....and when I looked beyond the horizon, my country is but a rubble.
    The show of power or the show of shame...who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor...? We are all the tyrant. The Masses and the FG, it's just the battle of EGO.


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