When you wake up in the  morning, and you're full of smiles of content, and you feel inside that everything is alright regardless of some of  the harmful surprises of the world that surrounds us daily, still you feel that warm completeness, then you know you found the missing puzzle.
 When I woke up the first day of 2011, as a matter of fact, as many of us closed our eyelids to 2010 and woke up to 2011, had no idea what awaited us, but with faith we have walked in hope and pride.
For me, I have soared higher than my mental ability, greater than my girly muscles. I have treaded on cold ice with bare feet, seen the other side of life. And each time I almost gave up, there was the miracle of everyone of you bearing me up, lifting me with the power of words unseen.
 And boy, I now understand the reality of when one door closes, another one opens. In this very same year I have found friends that will always be, no matter what. I have a little reflection of me that sprouted smiles in the midst of pain, kissing weakening tears from mommy's face.
And if you're out there, asking questions about your hurt, believe me, you can't reverse anything, but you can allow yourself live the best. They say what  you don't know won't kill you, there's no harm in trying to let go, there's no harm in forgiveness, the longer you hold on to that hurt, the further you push your miracles.
 In this same year, my best buddy threw pebble-stones at my window and it's the best gift of 2011!

Live, Laugh, Love


  1. Wow! What an inspiration to never settle for less.


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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