Down the path as I walked on a sultry weather night
Body sagged, legs weak from banging thoughts of my knight
The Crescent shaped moon, completely stationed bright
With pictures of us gallantly crested, that caught my sight

Happiness has inevitably become my dwelling
Just by certain nights ago, I sulked to swelling
Your sweetness of positivity brought an end to quarreling
Now smiles sprout on my lips without a telling

On the morrow will my inspiration blossom
Like magical muse no mind can ever fathom
We're taking this high road to Eros without sum
And with a conclusion that Love does happen to some.

Live, Love, Laugh.


  1. This is inspiring,milady

  2. Been a while since i stumbled across something this. Yes, stumbled...thats what i did...
    Nice piece, Kemi.


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Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

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