Friday, September 30, 2011


On this sleepy road, in my dearly dream
In and out did I have a joyful scream
Fairly asked God to settle and make it real
Woke up with a feeling we made a deal

Soothing squeals is the sound my belly makes
Like the sound of a pouring rain in frozen lakes
Playing pretend with the sensation I bore
Trying hard to fight and not get a sore

Denial I possibly can't, now it shows I do
The perfection of the morning blends with you
When we speak, there's this smile of a good day
For the reason of Light, I'd daily kneel and pray

You will see the perfection in my dearly dream
The clock ticks frantically to light its beam
In this beauty sleep of mine, I'll patiently behold
The prophetic writings of a ready-writer till i wax old


Thursday, September 15, 2011


I caught an inspiration yesterday
I need to write it down today
Now and even, before it flies away
The simplicity of rhymes per day

In short times, perceived the magical aura of life
In matter of days, embraced living life by strife
With the little reflections of me high-ing the five
Blessing the day like sweet honey in its bee-hive

The truth remains fact, fact to be proven true
It's either it is or it isn't, on the same life's queue
Questions do throng in me like a typical screw
Writing the perfect artistic answers that Life drew

Been blessed and visited by one of earth's kind
The vulnerability of nature resides in his mind
Sweetest words through his eyes you'll find
My pleasure truly to keep his company rewind